Excessive sun can make outdoor activities intolerable. In order to avoid this situation, there is a need to add shade to your deck, patio or backyard area. Investing in a patio cover or canopy where you always set up your functions or gatherings is highly recommended. A retractable canvas awning can do the trick for you. This kind of shade will make your outdoor space welcoming on days when it is the warmest. It could be a cool and relaxing place for you to spend with your family and friends with a glass of lemonade during summertime. Retractable canvas awning can be easily tucked away too during cold weather when you do not need to use it. There are two kinds of retractable awnings, the manual and the motorized. Manual awnings require a person to open and close the device while the motorized awning moves with the help of a motor. This type is powered by electricity. Although motorized awnings are more expensive than the manual, for people with disability, this is very convenient for them. They can just power up the awning with the use of a remote control. If you want to know more about awnings, have a browse on this site. It will surely guide you to have a better perspective of which awning is best for your need