15 Awesome Canvas Awnings Available Online

Do you ever feel like lounging out in the pool without worrying about sticky sunblock. Or how about finally getting a chance to entertain on that porch you never use anymore because it's just too damn hot all the time?

Any self-deserving homeowner will run into problems like these and a great solution would be a couple of good canvas awnings. Look no further because this EPIC list has it all!

The list below features some of the best and most highly-reviewed canvas awnings available on Amazon and they're plotted out here, one after the other, for your convenience (and straight-to-your-doorstep delivery, by the way).

So, take a moment and have your pick from the litter! Check out the robust selection below and take your time... because as far as the Kingpin is concerned, they're all winners! Let us begin!

ALEKO® 12x10 Feet Patio Awning, SAND COLOR (3.5m x 3m)

Manually-operated retractable canvas awnings offer practical solutions for your uncovered patio or porch area. No electricity or motors to fuss with, and pre-drilled holes make ease-of-installation a breeze. This model extends a whole 10 ft. from your installation point and spans 12 ft. across for a total of 120 square feet of coverage.

ALEKO® 12x10 Feet Canvas Patio Awning, BURGUNDY(3.5m x 3m)

ALEKO AW12X10BURG37 Retractable Patio Awning 12 x 10 Feet Burgundy

Here is the same model but in a beautiful, rich burgundy. It's a little bit cheaper than the sand model above and will be a great accent if your home is painted in white or most light colors. Aleko awnings are both well-reviewed and well-accessorized and if you don't mind the extra cost, there are upgrade-able motor options available as well! How cool is that??

Easter OUTT® 10'x 8' Patio Awning Extra Heavy Duty Beige

Easter OUTT has a great offering with these 10x8 canvas awnings and if you're not looking for something too large this will be perfect. It offers almost the same coverage as our first 2 models from Aleko but for almost half the price! It folds away neatly for storage and has breathable material to reduce canopy temperature--excellent and practical at the same time.

ALEKO RV Awning 10ft X 8ft (3M X 2.5M) Solid Beige Color

Canvas awnings are perfect additions to your mobile homes as well!

Take some portable shade and coverage anywhere you go with yet another offering from Aleko. This model opens and closes in less than a minute and doesn't need any electricity whatsoever. It also offers 8 ft. of extended coverage from your house or RV and even comes with travelling clamps to keep it secure once you hit the road.

Even road warriors need some shade from the beating sun these days!

ARB ARB3111 Brown 6.5' Awning

ARB ARB3111 Brown 6.5' Awning

If you need that same road trip portability but for something on the smaller side, the Kingpin has got you covered!

Both rugged and lightweight, awnings for your average vehicle roof rack are great solutions for all you desert dune and outback explorers. Just deploy this sucker in 30 seconds or so and enjoy some shade, where ever the road takes you. This model comes with pegs and guy ropes to secure the height-adjustable, telescopic legs and even has an optional mosquito net accessory if you need it.

Awntech Beauty-mark Richmond 10' Double-sided Freestanding Awning with 16' Projection

Awntech 10-Feet Richmond Free Standing Double Sided Manual Retractable Awning, 10 by 16-Feet, Linen

This one was too interesting to exclude from the list!

As far as most awnings go, the Awntech Beaty-mark Richmond is on the pricier side for sure. A second look though will certainly perk anyone's interest, as it just doesn't look like the average bear, now does it?

The Awntech Beaty-mark Richmond is a free-standing shelter and does not anchor into place like most canvas awnings. You can set this monster wherever you need it and the unique design lets you either secure it with temporary weights for quick setup or anchor it more permanently if need be. So, if your awning situation is likely to change with the seasons, this may be the perfect model for you.

ALEKO® 10x8 Feet Canvas Awning, MULTISTRIPES GREEN (3m x 2.5m)

Yet another stand out from Aleko, this 10 x 8 model will provide you with great coverage in a small space. The item above has a stunning green multi-stripe design and will look great against any backyard foliage. Same as the other awnings from Aleko above, these models are manually powered and do not require any electricity.

ALEKO® 10x8 Feet Patio Awning, BLUE/WHITE STRAP (3m x 2.5m)

ALEKO AW10X8BWSTR03 Retractable Patio Awning 10 x 8 Feet Blue and White Striped

Here is a blue and white 10x8 model that provides the same excellent coverage at even less... awesome!

ALEKO® 12x10 Feet Patio Awning, GREEN/WHITE STRAP (3.5m x 3m)

ALEKO AW12X10GWSTR00 Retractable Patio Awning 12 x 10 Feet Green and White Striped

This green and white 12x10 model provides a bigger span and more coverage than our previous awning models from Aleko. Excellent and stylish protection for your patio, all at the quiet spin of a hand crank!

ALEKO® 13x8 Feet Retractable Canvas Awning, MULTISTRIPES YELLOW (4m x 2.5m)

ALEKO AW13X10MSTRY315 Retractable Patio Awning 13 x 10 Feet Multi-Stripe Yellow

This beautiful 13x8 yellow multi-stripe yellow model provides the most coverage of all our choices so far. Providing up to 100 square feet of coverage and protection, it comes with wall mounting plates for sturdy installation and the canvas itself has undergone fabric-tensioning to provide the extra strength needed to support these larger dimensions.

ALEKO® 13' x 8' Patio Awning (4M x 2.5M) Red/White Strap

ALEKO AW13X10RWSTR05 Retractable Patio Awning 13 x 10 Feet Red and White Striped

ALEKO® 13x8 Feet CanvasAwning, MULTISTRIPES GREEN (4m x 2.5m)

ALEKO AW13X10MSTRGR58 Retractable Patio Awning 13 x 10 Feet Multi-Stripe Green

...and one last 13x8 option in the multi-stripe green and white. Aleko's got all the bases covered!

OK just to be perfectly clear, the Kingpin is in no way associated with Aleko! It's just that they offer so many great canvas awnings and these models are easily the most popular by far. There are plenty of choices and plenty of great reviews so I think that pretty much speaks for itself.

Just by looking at their selection, you get the feeling that Aleko considered every possible color and sizing specification before churning out these bad boys.


Canvas awnings come in plenty of shapes, sizes and styles for any kind of situation and color palette imaginable. Most importantly though, they provide an affordable (and portable) alternative to any kind of permanent modification you would have to do otherwise to achieve the same amount of coverage and shade.

In most rental situations, a permanent modification on the property wouldn't even be possible and these products give you an option that both tenants AND landlords can live with! They will be super easy to install and even easier to remove and bring along with you to your future homes.

Whatever the case, the Kingpin hopes that he has had an opportunity to educate or, even better, inspire you to make the right choice! Pick up any of the awesome canvas awnings on this list and make a quick and portable, yet beautiful, investment on your home.

Come in out of the sun! Keep your cool with Canopy Kingpin today.

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