Gazebo Canvas Replacements: Check Out Our Top Pick! (Pros & Cons Reviewed)

Do you have a  10x10 canopy in you backyard or one that you use often for events outdoors?

Do you want to put up a canvas canopy top instead of the polyester one that probably came with your tent?

Or are you in need of a new canvas canopy to replace one you already have on hand?

If any of this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. Below, we have a review for a canvas canopy that’s sure to help you find everything you’re looking for and much more for your tent.

Q: What are some good reasons to use gazebo canvas replacements made of actual canvas?

  • Canvas is a very thick, durable, and long-lasting type of fabric that can hold up well to tons of exposure to wind and weather. It is used for lots of outdoor purposes because of this quality.
  • Canvas is also easy to keep clean and well-maintained. As long as you’re wiling to clean it as needed, this type of fabric can stick around for a long time.

Q: And what are some reasons to pick fabric other than canvas covers for gazebos?

  • Canvas is very heavy and may be too heavy for some flimsier tent frames on the market today.
  • Canvas is not usually capable of keeping water from getting through, and it may not be as UV-resistant as some other options out there, either.

If you decide you want to go the canvas route for your canopy replacement, then you’re sure to love the product we have listed below. Check out our review and see for yourself if this is a good solution for your needs or not.

Koval Inc. 10x10 Replacement Gazebo Canopy

KOVAL INC. 10' x 10' Replacement Gazebo Canopy Awning Roof Top Waterproof 200g Canvas (Ivory)

The Koval Inc. 10x10 Replacement Gazebo Canopy  is a durable and thick canvas canopy replacement that is easy to set up and take down as needed along with the rest of your pop-up gazebo tent. You don’t need any tools to put up this canopy replacement, and it’s ready to go right out of the box. It features a sturdy design that won’t become easily ripped or damaged when used in inclement weather, as well as a timeless style that looks good with just about any backyard setup.


  • This canopy features a straight edge border that looks great with just about any type of backyard decor and doesn’t stand out too badly in a strange way.
  • The canopy design is very classic and traditional, making it a good fit for anyone looking for a direct replacement to most other canopies.
  • The canvas material is thick and heavy enough to prevent sunlight from being an issue for anyone sitting underneath this canopy.
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    Many canvas canopies are quite pricey, but this one comes in well under budget for many customers, making it a good option for anyone looking for an upgrade without spending a fortune.

What We Liked

  • We like the UV resistance available from this product. It’s very important to have UV protection when you’re sitting under a gazebo canopy, and with this product, you won’t have to worry about that at all. In fact, shade is what this canopy does best, no matter which color you end up going with. All in all, this is the best aspect of this product, hands down.

What Could Be Improved

  • The biggest issue with this canvas replacement canopy is that it doesn’t protect against rain. This product is designed to be used as a shade only. Because it’s made of canvas, it doesn’t prevent rain from leaking through the fabric and getting to whatever—or whomever—is underneath at the time. Because of this, we feel that it would be a great improvement to use thicker or waterproofed canvas instead. This would go a long way toward making sure customers are happy and willing to purchase this product again as needed in the future.


  • This canopy replacement is available in four different colors, including white, black, navy, and red, to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in terms of decor and style.
  • It’s easy enough to keep this canopy clean by washing it off the same way you would any other tent canopy—using mild soap and warm water and rinsing it off using your garden hose.
  • This canopy is not too heavy even though it’s made of canvas, so it can hold up well to use on your tent frame without toppling it over.


  • This product doesn’t feature any vents in the top, so it is very prone to getting blown over by the wind when it catches underneath the canopy.
  • The lack of a vent also means that it is less breathable overall underneath this canopy and that any smells that may need to escape can’t do so.
  • It is possible that the colors in this tent canopy replacement may fade out over time when used in the direct sunlight, even though the canopy is made of UV-resistant material that shouldn’t do this.


As you can see, there are a handful of pros and cons when it comes to this canopy replacement, and it may not be for everyone. It’s important to consider all your options when you’re looking for a replacement for your canopy, and it’s also a good idea to decide if canvas is really the fabric you’re looking for in this type of product. If you decide to go another route, you may prefer to use a polyester canopy cover that’s a little more waterproof and UV resistant as well—or you might want to stick to canvas for the appearance and texture you love.

gazebo canvas replacements

So is this a recommended product? Do we think it’s a good idea to buy this canopy replacement if you’re looking for canvas for your backyard? In short, we do think this is a good product if you know what you’re getting when you buy it. Just remember that, because it’s made of canvas, this is not a waterproof product. If you’re looking for something waterproof to protect you, your family, or your patio furniture, you will need to look elsewhere. However, if you’re okay with getting something that’s only going to provide shade and not much else, this is a beautiful and quality product that can help you get the job done right.

Keep all of this in mind when you’re trying to determine whether or not this canopy is right for you. And if it’s not, remember that there are many other great 10x10 replacement canopies out there for you to choose from!

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