EPIC GUIDE: How to Build a Gazebo for your Home or Backyard

The Kingpin is back with a new kind of article for all of you canopy fanatics out there… After having posted a few times about all the awesome gazebo canopy models available online, the Kingpin decided to get his hands a bit dirty!

Gazebos deliver great shade and coverage for your home and backyard. They are wonderful centerpieces and are a great place to entertain family and friends. Cover them in beautiful flora and they will bring your dull garden to life! This is why the Kingpin has decided to write about creating your very own gazebo—from scratch! Imagine the stories you’ll be able to tell all your guests…

So, get comfortable and check out this new EPIC guide: How to Build a Gazebo for your Home or Backyard

Gazebo Building Basics

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A gazebo adds a touch of culture and whimsy to any backyard. Depending on how it is built, it can give a formal air, or it can be romantic. It can also serve a practical purpose as a secondary floor space for family gatherings and parties. Gazebos can even turn into actual extensions of the house, depending on how they are constructed.

Building a permanently-installed gazebo is no small task but this doesn’t mean that you shy away from it. Be it a do-it-yourself affair, or one that you have contracted to a construction company, what matters is that you are involved in the creation of the gazebo.

After all, one of the best things about having the freedom to create your own structure is the customization! You can create anything you can think of and tailor-fit your new gazebo to match your home perfectly. Your only limits are your budget and your imagination.

It’s also important though to allow for some practical and expansive possibilities, like choosing between metal or wood for your project. Maybe you should consider grill elements for your gazebo, or even shift to a true garden gazebo, if it will work better with your backyard.


Things to Consider When Making a Gazebo

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Naturally, there will be several factors involved in the design and planning stages of your new gazebo. For instance, you will surely need to get some input from your family, friends, and possibly even your contractor.

Here are some guidelines and words of advice that can help you figure out what you want, and what you need to build your brand new gazebo.

Do you have enough space?

One of the first things you should do is think about how big your backyard is. For some, there will only be enough room for a small garden and pool so a new gazebo may not be so practical. If this is the case, then maybe a portable pop up may be a better option. You can click here to check out some great pop up gazebo options.

On the other side of the spectrum, some homes have enough space out back to accommodate secondary structures and maybe even a second house at times! So, a new gazebo may not be out of the question.

Your first step would be to visualize how much of the space you want to use for the construction. A good rule of thumb is that it should be comfortable, and it should strike a balance between the empty space of your yard and itself.

If you build a gazebo that is too large for your yard, then you may as well have built an extension for your house. So, remember—aesthetic balance is key!

What will it be used for?

Most people will assume that plans for your brand new gazebo will come down to a matter of taste or style. However, the fact is, what you intend to use the gazebo for will play a large part in how it will be constructed, and what design will be used.

If your gazebo will be used as an extension of your garden, then your plans should be about creating a structure that incorporates garden elements. Something open and airy like a grill gazebo will give you shelter and coverage for your cooking area and can possibly accommodate a few hungry guests as well.

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Similarly, if you want something as open to the garden as possible, keep it simple with a few posts or beams to support the canopy roof. In effect, your new gazebo design should just be a comfortable shaded area that still allows you to feel like you are in the garden.

This is in great contrast to a gazebo that is meant to be more of an enclosed area. For one thing, these kinds will need a gazebo plan that is more like an extension of the house in construction, with sliding walls or heavy curtains, and probably even a permanent wall on one or two sides. These can incorporate windows, and the roofing itself will probably be quite sturdy.

These structures will probably have properly-constructed flooring (as opposed to our open and airy design which would only have flooring as an option), while an enclosed gazebo would be, for many, a room that is located in your garden or backyard.

At the end of the day, it boils down to usage.

An open garden gazebo design could be used for tea parties, or small get-togethers that number only four people at most, with a small table for cakes and tea. These structures will also be perfect for private meetings, with the advantage of a calming view of the backyard (assuming that the backyard has a nice garden feel to it).

On the other hand, larger enclosed gazebos may be more for families that prefer to entertain large number of guests, or who entertain different groups at the same time. Thinking further along these lines, building a new gazebo and linking it to the main house at the end of a covered walk would be a beautiful addition to any home. If you need to improve your façade home façade, maybe something like this would work.

What will your gazebo be made of?

Most people think of gazebos as exclusively wooden affairs, but there are plenty of ways to put one together. In fact, what a gazebo is made of plays a large part in how it looks aesthetically, and there are practical aspects, as well.

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If you are in an area where there may be abrupt and extreme changes in weather, it would be best to use metal gazebo structures. The only catch to a heavier frame (as would be the case with metal) would be an even sturdier and heavier foundation.

A concrete base will certainly improve durability and support for your new gazebo structure but it is a real commitment for any homeowner to say the least! You’d better make sure you won’t be changing your mind before that concrete sets.

Wooden gazebo structures are better for places where the seasons are gentler, or where extreme weather situations aren’t a frequent experience. Additionally, wooden structures will not heat up as much as one made out of metal. They will also be easier to maintain, as the wooden parts can be removed and replaced. Metal structures will have issues once metal fatigue and rust sets in so it would be important to consider some sort of rust-proofing through paint or powder-coating.

Plants growing on your newly built gazebo may become an issue as well if it is a wooden structure, since you may have to replace the parts more often. Metal grill gazebos will be easier to take care of from the point of view of gardening, but once you have to replace the grill itself, you may have to replace whole sections of the gazebo. If you are planning to adorn your new construction with all sorts of pretty vines and the like, consider the maintenance issues and whether it’s really worth it or not.

I must say though, a self-made garden gazebo covered in vines and flowers is really a thing of beauty! It will certainly be something to show off to the neighbors.

How To Build A Gazebo For Your Home

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The first thing you should do, when thinking about building a gazebo is to check if there are permits involved. Even if it is going to be built in your property, depending on the area you live in, you may have to check in with “the man” and find out if you need a permit. At the very least, you may have to inform the locals or your neighborhood that you will be making a ruckus by constructing an external structure in your backyard.

Once that’s done, the next practical step is researching and putting together your new gazebo plans. if you’re going for a DIY approach, you’ll be glad to know that there are a multitude of gazebo plans available online.

Most of these are pretty easy to find and are a mere Google search away but in classic Canopy Kingpin fashion, here are some gazebo plan GEMS the Kingpin has found for you all in his spare time:







And here are a whole SLEW of free Garden Gazebo plans for you to check out:



Here’s one just for kicks! Anyone got an old satellite dish lying around? BOOM! Instant Garden Gazebo:


Satellite Surplus = Brand New Gazebo

Satellite Surplus = Brand New Gazebo

Make sure to read the instructions twice and create a checklist to help make sure that you have all the required materials for the job!

NOTE: If you’re not the type that looks forward to a little bit of manual labor here and there, there’s no need to worry. There’s no shame in contracting professionals to handle the dirty work. This can even be limited to just the more difficult tasks such as laying a concrete foundation for the support posts and the flooring, or cutting the ends of the wooden posts and components for proper fitting. Or you can just have someone else construct your gazebo for you but seriously though… where’s the fun in that?

After properly preparing for the construction of the gazebo, you should also consider plans for the garden and the house itself. Just as your gazebo plans have to be laid out logically, so, too, would any changes that have to be done to the garden, backyard, and the house.

This is particularly important when you have to consider storage for building materials while the gazebo is being constructed, and also when you have to do additional construction, like walkways to the house, or if the garden or backyard has to be landscaped to give a proper area for the gazebo itself.


Timing is Everything… Even for Gazebo Construction

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Most people don’t think about the season when it comes to construction. You should always estimate your own build time, or your contractor’s for that matter, when it comes to making your brand new gazebo structure. This becomes important in helping manage your costs especially if you will be bringing in master craftsmen to create your new gazebo from scratch.

If you are building it on your own, then you should know your own pace, and you should put aside time, so that bad weather won’t catch up with you. As it will take you several weeks to complete a full design on your own, you should start executing your gazebo plans the moment good weather comes in after the winter or rainy season. Give yourself enough time to get the job done properly without rushing to avoid some unwanted problems with the structure down the road.


The Cost of Custom Gazebo Coverage

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You should be realistic about your own budget, as well. Again, many budget levels for gazebo designs are available online, so you should have no problem scaling your construction costs to what you can afford.

There are plenty of paid designs available online but any of the plans the Kingpin has selected for you above will give you a great-looking gazebo structure for your home—and you didn’t have to spend a dime on the designs!

NOTE: paid designs and labor aside, the materials needed to build your own gazebo can run you anywhere from $1500 to about $6000 depending on the complexity of the design. It’s safe to say that this is not exactly the “thriftiest” of endeavors. If you don’t want to pay out too much for something that you have to build all by yourself to begin with, check out this EPIC list of great gazebo canopy models that can be delivered straight to your home.



A DIY gazebo project of this magnitude isn’t for everybody but with a little preparation and some strategic planning, building your very own custom gazebo can be fun, incredibly fulfilling, and best of all, it will look REAL good. Legit even!

All you have to do, after preparations, is to enjoy the building process yourself (do follow the instructions to the letter!), or make sure that you are in constant communication with your construction team, so you can also make spot decisions for changes in plans, when necessary.

Building a gazebo in your own backyard isn’t just about doing it because you can. It’s about improving your house’s comfort levels, while at the same time expanding your lifestyle to include your backyard as part of your “in-house” activities.

So, stop wasting time and create gift your garden with some custom coverage today! Build yourself a brand new gazebo and come on in out of the sun. Keep your cool with Canopy Kingpin!



Check out these awesome DIY gazebo videos the Kingpin has culled from YouTube. They are all incredibly informative and will give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into. ENJOY!


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