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Whether its an outdoor event like a family barbecue or spring wedding, or if you're an avid participant of the weekend market or an annual trade expo, a party tent or pop up canopy will be an essential addition to your arsenal. When you're caught out in the elements ​with some celebrating to do, these beauties may be the only thing keeping you between a picture-perfect wedding for the books and this week's muddy, drenched #weddingfail on YouTube.

What Exactly is a Party Tent?​

​So what is a party tent? Well, basically it's a portable tent on a frame (sometimes made from powder-coated metal or PVC, among others) that you can bring to almost any outdoor area and set up accordingly. It gives us the ability to hold events safely and securely outdoors without having to think to much about unpredictable whether or the summer heat.

Let's take it an extra step: are you travelling to a trade expo? Perhaps you're selling merch with a band on tour? Whatever the case may be, if you need a simple yet professional way to give your business some representation, a pop up event tent is the perfect thing. Handle commerce under the protection of your portable canopy where ever you may need it and your customers will be grateful!

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