15 Awesome Popup Beach Tents Available Online

If there’s one thing the Kingpin really hates, it’s sunburn. Don’t you? Nothing ruins a perfect vacation getaway like coming home with peeling skin, pain, and a few bug bites just to add insult to injury.

For years, your beloved Kingpin’s sensitive skin was doomed to be burned every time he took the fam’ to the beach. Sometimes he saw other beachgoers setting up pop-up tents, but he never thought he’d be able to afford something like that…

Well not long ago, the Kingpin finally decided to do something about his discomfort and he started researching for some great pop-up beach tents for sale online, and he was just as surprised as you’ll be to find out that most of them are well within reach.

So since Yours Truly already did all the legwork finding the best pop-up beach tents you can buy online, all you gotta do now is check them out below. Here are the top 15 choices I found and see which one would be the perfect new addition to your beach gear this summer:

IN A RUSH? Here are Our Favorite Picks:

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Deluxe XL
Standing Room Premium Family Cabin Tent 8.5 ' of Head Room 4 Big Screen Doors Fast Easy Set Up Full Waterproof Fabric Ceiling NOT Leaky MESH Screen Full TUB Style Floor Canopy Frame NOT Included
Lightspeed Outdoors XL Sport Shelter Instant Pop Up
Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter (Blue/Silver)
Coleman Back Home 12 x 10 Instant Screenhouse
517 Reviews
3,197 Reviews
Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Deluxe XL
Standing Room Premium Family Cabin Tent 8.5 ' of Head Room 4 Big Screen Doors Fast Easy Set Up Full Waterproof Fabric Ceiling NOT Leaky MESH Screen Full TUB Style Floor Canopy Frame NOT Included
Lightspeed Outdoors XL Sport Shelter Instant Pop Up
517 Reviews
Coleman Back Home 12 x 10 Instant Screenhouse
3,197 Reviews

Coleman 12 x 10 Instant Screened Canopy

Coleman Back Home 12 x 10 Instant Screenhouse

With two separate entries and walls made of see-through mesh screening, this is one of the best pop up tent for beach  options available today. Reviewers have reported even setting it up in the back yard for a comfortable way to relax bug-free in the summer!

Take it along to the beach and make everyone around you jealous when you set up this spacious tent. The Kingpin actually wrote a review about this badboy a while back.



  • Huge pop-up tent that can easily hold several tables for cookouts and outdoor parties.
  • Comes with a wheeled storage bag so you never have to haul this heavy tent.
  • Posts are very durable and won’t collapse under winds.
  • Ceiling is flimsy and may get too heavy if it collects rain.
  • Though this tent supposedly takes three minutes to set up, it may take much longer to figure out.
  • Colors may fade quickly if you use this tent in direct sunlight.

Eurmax 10 x 10 Pop Up Canopy

Eurmax 10'x10' Ez Pop Up Canopy Tent Commercial Instant Shelter with Heavy Duty Carry Bag,Forest Green

Choose this tent when you want a lot of different colors to pick from and an easy-to-install style . This square tent is large enough for a few sleeping bags or a couple of tables, and reviewers frequently use these pop up tents for the beach as well.

This tent’s design makes it easy to alter for whatever you need for your day in the sun.



  • Easy to set up quickly with one or two people working on it.
  • Can be used as a canopy without walls or with.
  • Plastic poles won’t rust over time, even when kept in storage.
  • Storage bags are not very durable and may be hard to use after unfolding the tent.
  • Walls and ceiling are not strong enough to stand up against heavy rain or strong wind.
  • Zipper closure on doors might break after frequent use.

Standing Room 100 Family Cabin Camping Tent

Standing Room Premium Family Cabin Tent 8.5 ' of Head Room 4 Big Screen Doors Fast Easy Set Up Full Waterproof Fabric Ceiling NOT Leaky MESH Screen Full TUB Style Floor Canopy Frame NOT Included

Do you and your family need plenty of room to get comfortable during your outdoor adventures?

With this tent, four people can sleep comfortably and still have enough space to stand up and move around. Of the pop up tents  for the beach available on the market today, this is one of the best for huge groups! A smaller family can really spread out in this tent and have enough room for everyone to have some privacy.



  • Easy-open windows can be opened from the inside and closed up again in no time.
  • Sturdy zippers keep windows and doors both secure when you need them closed.
  • Easy for even one person to set up alone.
  • This tent has to be staked to keep it standing up in high winds.
  • Thin material may not be strong enough for bad weather.
  • Floor may tear and stretch easily with repeated use.

Elixir Outdoor Instant Tent

Elixir outdoor Instant Tent Easy to set up in 6 sec for 6 person, Camping, Hiking , Beach Sports

Pick this pop up beach shade tentwhen you want extra room for outdoor seating and enough space to sleep up to four people inside. Reviewers highly recommend this tent for use at the beach!

When you need to spread out more than your tent allows , you can set up a few chairs under the optional extra shade, and throw a sleeping bag or two inside the tent for a relaxing beachside nap.



  • Easy to pop up in just a couple of minutes.
  • Lightweight and easy to store and carry.
  • Opens out into an extra shaded space with the use of just a few extra zippers.
  • When locked in place, this tent may be hard to unlock and fold down.
  • Lighter fabric can tear easily in bad weather.
  • Extra shades may be hard to keep open in high winds.

Standing Room 64 Hanging Family Cabin

The Original-Authentic Standing Room 64 Family Cabin Tent 8.5 FEET of Headroom 2 Big Screen Doors Fast Easy Set Up, Fits Most 10x10 Slant Leg Canopies Canopy Frame NOT Included!

Stand up and walk around comfortably in this large tent for four adults . With a separate canopy design and optional walls, you can use as little as much tent as you need when you bring this convenient structure along on vacation.

This is one of the best pop up shade tents for the beach available for larger groups. Set it up and leave it for the whole day, since it can stand up to the sun easily.



  • Includes Velcro pockets for power cords.
  • Stands up to high winds well thanks to its thick material.
  • Zippers at doors are very durable and won’t break with frequent use.
  • May need to be completed with bungee cords for more flexibility and ease of use.
  • Thick material may make it stuffy and hard to breathe inside.
  • Canopy may be hard to fit to poles without stretching.

Flip Pop Instant Set Up Nylon 2 Person Tent

Front Runner Flip Pop Tent

Pack this small pop up beach tent  in the trunk or throw it on the back seat. It’s small enough to fit just about anywhere, and perfect for campers and outdoor enthusiasts who like to wait to the last minute to pick out their camping place.

When you need a quick fix for shelter on the beach, this tent is going to be your best friend. Throw it together and kick back in cozy comfort.



  • Folds flat for easy storage and carrying.
  • Aerodynamic design keeps wind resistance high.
  • Thick material keeps you warm even on colder nights.
  • Smaller tent that only sleeps up to two adults.
  • Stakes may bend with frequent use.
  • Harder to set up, and may take a while to figure out your first time.

Eurmax Basic 5 x 5 Pop Up Canopy Steel Outdoor Tent

No products found.

Pick this tent for a quick setup that’s sure to keep your outdoor party going strong no matter what the weather does. This sturdy tent can be used with or without walls, so you can allow easy access to your tables or keep the bugs at bay.

This is one of the No products found. options for large gatherings. It may be a little large for a smaller family, but big groups can get a lot out of this pricey tent.



  • Optional doors offer easy access when you want to zip up the tent completely.
  • Sturdy fabric won’t rip or tear with repeated use.
  • Peaked ceiling keeps rain from collecting.
  • May take a while to set up, or require more than one person to complete.
  • This tent is hard to fit into its storage bag.
  • Since the sides Velcro to the tent, they may come apart in high winds.
No products found.

Eurmax Basic 10 x 10 Pop Up Canopy Instant Outdoor Party Tent

No products found.

Set up this big party tent in your back yard or at your next important event. This No products found., especially when you need a place to cool off on the beach or during your next family get-together.

This tent is one of the best shade tents for the beach on the market today. It even includes an additional window to help you get plenty of air when you retreat from the sun during the afternoon.



  • Durable fabric blocks light and heat from the sun.
  • Strong straight steel frame stands up against bad weather.
  • Includes a separate floor mat for optional use.
  • Zippers on window and door may break easily.
  • May be hard to fold down for storage.
  • May require more than one person to set up.
No products found.

Eurmax Standard 10x10 EZ Pop Up Canopy

Eurmax New 10x10 Pop Up Canopy Replacement Canopy Tent Top Cover, Instant Ez Canopy Top Cover ONLY, Choose 30 Colors,Bonus 4PC Pack Canopy Weight Bag (Orange)

Do you need a pop up family beach tent with see-through mesh walls for your next big event or day in the sun? Fit the whole family into this spacious 10x10 tent  and get ready to enjoy the breeze blowing through the airy walls!

This tent may be more expensive than some of the others on the list, but it’s worth the cost to have a breezy setup and a floor option too.



  • Included wheeled bag makes it easy to carry this heavy tent.
  • Durable material stands up to wind even with mesh screens.
  • Easy to put together in a short amount of time.
  • Since walls attach with Velcro, they may come undone in bad weather.
  • Door zipper is flimsy and may break with use.
  • With no zip-up wall options, this canopy isn’t great in the rain.

QuictentSilvox 8x8’ EZ Pop Up Canopy Gazebo Party Tent

Quictent 10x15 Easy Pop up Canopy Tent Enclosed Instant Outdoor Canopy Shelter with Sidewalls Waterproof (Beige)

Set up this pop up beach shade shelter  for your next party or haul it along to the beach for tons of room to spread out and get comfortable.

With two separate doors, you can unzip this tent and keep it airy, or close it up to protect against the bugs. It’s pretty heavy, so it’s not something you’ll want to pack along for a quick trip. You can get the most out of this tent on a longer stay.



  • Fabric protects against UV rays and keeps things cool inside the tent.
  • Corners are reinforced to withstand frequent use.
  • Reviewers report this tent’s ceiling as easy to empty even when it fills with rain or snow.
  • Fabric may stretch out easily and get thin over time.
  • May be hard to set up and snap into place.
  • Zipper have been reported to break very easily even after one use.

Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent Deluxe XL

Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent Deluxe XL

Throw this large pop up beach tent  together in no time when you need a place to crash in the mountains, on the beach, or even in your back yard. This lightweight pop-up tent sleeps up to four adults in just about any weather.

When you take it along to the beach, you’ll have enough room for lounge chairs, small tables and anything else you need to relax.



  • Includes pockets for weighing down the tent against strong winds.
  • Huge windows can be zipped down or up from the inside easily.
  • Includes clothes hooks and pocket storage inside the tent for long-term stays.
  • Light fabric may tear and leak easily.
  • Tent may take a while to set up and take down, or require more than one person to work.
  • Floor piece may stretch and tear with use.

Lightspeed Outdoors Pop Up Sport Shelter Beach Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors XL Sport Shelter Instant Pop Up

This portable pop up beach tent is designed for day-long use on the beach . It’s a sturdy little cave-style setup that includes three walls to provide just enough shelter with plenty of fresh air.

Set it up against the wind to have a cozy nook for your afternoon nap. This shelter isn’t large enough to stand up in, but it’s a great home base for kids and adults both.



  • Huge size makes it easy to seat plenty of beach chairs with room to spare.
  • Folds down small and lightweight, which is perfect for travel.
  • Included stakes may not be sturdy enough for long-term sand use.
  • Doesn’t include pockets for electrical cords.
  • Plastic hinges may break easily after frequent use.

G4Free Large Pop Up Backpacking Camping Hiking Tent

G4Free Pop up Tents 3-4 Person UV Protection,Ventilated [2 Door] [2 Mesh Window][Roof Sky Window],Baby Family Privacy Dome Tent Shelter for Outdoor, Beach, Traveling, Backyard, Backpacking (Blue)

Do you and your friends or family do a lot of hiking and backpacking? If you’re an avid overnight camper, this easy pop up beach tent is a great choice for you. It sleeps two and provides plenty of space to move around if you use it by yourself.

Tuck it into your backpack for easy use, or bring it along to the beach when you need a little bit of shelter without spending a lot of money. This is a good cheap solution  for one to three people who need room to get out of the sun for a while.



  • Easy-to-use windows air out the tent or keep it warm during the night.
  • UV coating keeps campers inside cool and comfortable even in high heat.
  • Very easy to set up in just a few short steps.
  • Rain flap may be hard to secure in strong winds.
  • Tough to fold back down into its original small size for storage.
  • Tears and starts to leak pretty quickly.

Coleman Pop-Up Tent

Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent, Green

This little instant pop up beach tent  is perfect for a single adult looking for a cozy place to take a quick nap. It doesn’t provide a lot of extra space, but it gets the job done and keeps you safe and warm in the process.

If you have kids in your family, it can be a good place to let them crash for a while after running off all their energy in the sand. It’s also a good hideaway for storing your food, electronics and more safely away from the sand and surf.



  • Rain flap is easy to install or detach as needed.
  • Comes in one complete piece for very quick and easy pop-up installation.
  • Dry and warm thanks to sturdy, thick material.
  • May be too short to sleep very tall campers.
  • Floor and walls may stretch out easily with extended use.
  • Folded down size is too large for backpacking use.

ABO Gear Instant Shelter

ABO Gear Instent Shelter

Weigh this simple shelter down using its included weight pockets and keep it standing all day long on your next trip to the beach. Set up blankets inside to keep the family comfortable in the sun, or throw in a few sleeping bags and live the beach bum life for a while instead.

This is one of the best pop up beach shelter  choices you can make for a big family. Up to four adults can sit inside, or a couple of people can stretch out for a more luxurious beach trip.



  • Easy setup takes only a couple of minutes and can be completed by one person.
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with just about anywhere.
  • Breezy and airy, which makes it perfect for the beach.
  • Joints are flimsy and may break easily.
  • Light material can tear or develop leaks often.
  • Replacement pieces are hard to find for this tent.

Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter

Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter (Blue/Silver)

Do you need a quick and easy way to get out of the sun that’s big enough for you and all your friends? With this large pop up beach shelter , you’ll never have to worry about getting burned on the beach again.

It’s large enough to fit three or four adults, which makes it great for long days of doing nothing.Though it’s not tall enough for chairs, it’s a good place to stretch out your beach blanket and kick back in the shade.



  • Set up this tent easily with a simple pull-string design.
  • Stands up against normal beach winds without so much as a ripple.
  • Easy to weigh down if needed with included pockets.
  • Folding the tent down for storage can be tricky for a beginner.
  • Doesn’t include window flaps, so hiding from sudden rain can be a problem.
  • Upper joints can be flimsy and break easily.


Whether you’re looking for convenience, spacious shelters, or cheap pop up beach tents, the perfect tent is waiting for you. Single travelers can get the most bang for your buck by picking a single-person sleeper and setting it up with weights for a day at the beach. Bigger families can snag an affordable, durable pop-up with zipper doors to keep things safe.

So which one is the Kingpin’s favorite beach tent?

That depends! For your Kingpin’s happy family of three, the Standing Room 100 Family Cabin Camping Tent is just what the doctor ordered. This is one of the most expensive tents on the list, but it’s great for daily use at the beach or for taking on longer camping trips to the mountains. The family’s gotten a ton of use out of it already!But don’t worry—the Kingpin gets that this is a pricey choice.

For something less expensive, the Lightspeed Outdoors Pop Up Sport Shelter Beach Tent gets the job done without breaking the bank. You can’t take it along as a dual-purpose camping tent, but it’s perfect for the beach and can handle a small family easily. It’s a good choice if you have small kids who need to nap away from the sun. It’s your Kingpin’s #2 pick, since it gives you a lot for a little.

In the end, the choice is yours. Pick your favorite and get ready for a beach vacation surrounded by comfort!

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