18 Great Canopy Party Tents For Sale Online

Looking for HEAVY DUTY party tents for sale?

Do you worry about whether or not it might rain or be too sunny and hot for you and your guests at your next outdoor event?

Would you like to protect everyone at your next event from the elements without sacrificing anything in terms of style and comfort?

Party Tents For Sale:
Our Top Recommendations

Outsunny Easy Pop Up Canopy Party Tent, 10 x 20-Feet, Green with 4 Removable Sidewalls
Durable polyethylene cover; High quality, rust resistant steel framework; Blocks up to 90 percent of the sun's UV rays
Formosa Covers SUNMART Deluxe Screen House Extra Large Gazebo Canopy Shade and Mosquito Net Protection - Green 12'x20'
DURABLE MATERIAL: steel poles for a sturdy base, 100% polyester canopy is water repellent; Extra Large Size means more room to party! 20ft x 12ft
DELTA Canopies 10'x20' Ez Pop up Canopy Party Tent Instant Gazebos 100% Waterproof Top with 6 Removable Sides Black - E Model
Brand New; Commercial Grade; High quality, Heavy Duty Steel Frame w Durable Nylon Connector
DELTA Canopies 23'x16.5' Wedding Party Tent Canopy Gazebo Heavy Duty Water Resistant White
High quality, rust & corrosion resistant powder coated steel framework; 8 beautiful window style, removable sidewalls
32'x16' PE Party Tent White - Heavy Duty Wedding Canopy Carport Shelter - with Storage Bags - By DELTA Canopies
✅Galvanized steel frame, rust & corrosion resistant; ✅Beautiful arched plastic windows and zippered entrance on both end walls
Shade Tree 20' x 40' Heavy Duty Event, Party, Wedding Tent, Canopy, Carport, w/Sidewalls
High quality galvanized steel framework with spring loaded locking balls; High strength galvanized metal joint fittings
ShelterLogic Celebration Canopy, Blue, 20 x 20 ft.
Best in class fitted swedged pipes ensure solid frame construction; Wide foot plates on every leg add stability and easy access to secure anchor points
Quictent 20' x 20' Heavy Duty Outdoor Gazebo Party Wedding Tent Canopy Carport Shelter with Carry Bags (20x20, White)
✅【Extra Carry Bags】Durable Oxford Black Carry Bags for storage, easy to store.

Whatever the case, look no further because these huge canopy party tents for sale are all great deals considering the size and shelter each of them offers! These things come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and picking one that's right for you can be time-consuming with all of the different options out there.

So, the Kingpin has put together another EPIC list for you! Take a gander at the great party tents for sale online and get one delivered right to your doorstep!

Below, we’ve reviewed 18 of the best party tents for sale on the market today. This should help you figure out which tent you need to choose for your next big event and which ones you might want to pass on. Picking the right tent can take some time and consideration, but if you choose one from our list below, you’ll be well on your way to a better experience outside in no time.

Don’t forget to check out our first section, too, to help you determine whether or not you might be hosting an upcoming event that could benefit from a party tent as part of the setup.

There’s a lot to learn about the best party tents around, so let’s get started!

Do You Need A Party Tent?

A party tent is, simply put, a tent that’s spacious enough for you to host people inside it for a party or another, similar event. There are a lot of different potential uses for a tent like this, so if you’re hosting any of the following events or are planning to in the near future, be sure to consider bringing home a big party tent to help you make the most of it:

  • Backyard entertaining: If you have a lot of parties and family barbecues in your yard, you can’t go wrong with a big tent to protect your food and to keep everyone in the family cool, shady, and dry if it rains.
  • Weddings: Setting up a tent like this for a wedding, reception, or both can be a beautiful way to celebrate and to make sure a sudden rain won’t ruin the bride’s big day.
  • Corporate events: If your company has a lot of outdoor parties and picnics each year, then having a spacious party tent can be a great way to keep everyone cool and comfortable during the summer heat.
  • Vendor events: Whether outdoors or inside, if you go to an event where many vendors are able to talk about and showcase their wares at a corporate level—or, similarly, if you attend a job fair—you may need a tent like this to protect your items and yourself, too.
  • Farmer’s markets: Are you the type of person who likes to sell arts, crafts, goods or services at the local farmer’s market? If so, you absolutely need to have a smaller sized party tent as part of your setup for your regular weekly booth.
  • Tailgating: A smaller party tent may be a great addition to your tailgating experience, especially if you go to a place where your tent won’t be in the way of other tailgaters. If you have a large group or a big family, this is an especially crucial part of your ensemble!
  • Camping: Last but not least, a big family camping trip just isn’t complete without a comfortable and spacious place for everyone to sit in the shade and enjoy their camping food without having to worry about getting a sunburn—or getting rained on.

There may be even more events you can think of that would benefit from a party tent as part of their setup. If this is true, then you definitely need to check out our top product picks below right away!

Outsunny Party Tent in Coffee Brown

Outsunny 10’ x 20’ Outdoor Gazebo Canopy Party Large Wedding Tent with 4 Removable Sidewalls & Easy Carrying Bag -Red

Let's start off with something simple and stunning. This beautiful coffee brown offering from Outsunny is easily one of the most practical options of all our party tents for sale but it still comes with all the features you'd expect.

With the Outsunny Easy Pop Up Canopy Party Tent 10x20 Feet  option, you can set up quickly and efficiently for your next family picnic or other outdoor gathering. This coffee brown tent is also available in two other colors and comes with four sidewalls to give you a comfortable and protected place to play, party, and relax in the great outdoors. With two built-in windows on the back sidewalls, you’ll get lots of light while still being safe from any rain that may come your way.

You gotta love the nice warm coffee brown color!


  • The sidewalls are easy to hang up and take down as needed so you can even change the setup of your tent throughout the day.
  • The product is quick and easy to set up and put together.


  • In some instances, customers reported that the walls of the canopy did not match the top.
  • The carrying bag may tear very easily when you try to put the tent back inside it.

Now it begs the question: with all these great party tents for sale online, why even rent? EXACTLY! Just grab one and be done with it, they are all quite reliable and will pack away nicely in your garage our tool shed.

Red Canopy Gazebo BBQ Tent

No products found.

OK now this is more interesting! Like the other party tents for sale above, this model has all the customary features like UV protection, weatherproofing, etc. but it comes in a DELICIOUS cherry red. It's perfect for your next family BBQ or that upcoming company event at the local park. And it will surely stand out nicely from a distance, you'll be saying "Just look for us in the big red tent!"

Use the No products found. for any commercial or at-home events you may be planning to host. This 10x20 tent is small enough to be easily set up by one person but large enough to hold everything you need for tailgating, farmer’s market booths and much more Available in five different basic colors, this tent is sure to be everything you’re looking for at your upcoming event.


  • This tent is very easy to set up in just a few minutes with or without help from another capable adult.
  • The company is happy to replace any missing or damaged parts on this tent.


  • This tent doesn’t come with any sidewalls so you may need to look elsewhere if this is what you need.
  • The tent may be a little flimsy in the wind.
No products found.

Outsunny Easy Pop Up Green

Outsunny Easy Pop Up Canopy Party Tent, 10 x 20-Feet, Green with 4 Removable Sidewalls

This model is more from Outsunny's Easy Pop Up series but is in a bold forest green. It's a tad more expensive than the red but I actually like this color a little better against the powder-coated white frame. Notice the interior shot above to get an idea how the Easy Pop Up frame stretches into shape. Quite the clever design, if I do say so, myself!

With the Outsunny Easy Pop Up Canopy with 4 Removable Sidewalls , you’ll be able to keep yourself and all your guests safe and comfortable with no worries at your next backyard barbecue. This tent features a polyethylene cover that holds up well to weather wear and tear and blocks 90% of UV rays as well. The sidewalls are easy to put up or remove as needed for the results you’re looking for.


  • ​The tent’s easy-up design makes this a simple option for quick backyard use.
  • The canopy cover itself is resistant to tears and weather-related damage both.


  • The color of the sidewalls may not always match the color of the canopy in some instances.
  • Some customers have reported this tent missing several of the pieces needed to put it together properly.

ShelterLogic 2-in-1 MAX AP Canopy

ShelterLogic 2-in-1 MaxAP Outdoor Canopy Tent - 20ft.L x 10ft.W, Model Number 25715

OK now here's something different from Shelter Logic!  We're back to the usual white canopy but unlike the other party tents for sale on this list, this canopy design interestingly extends it sides to provide additional shade and shelter. This design accommodates 4-5 6 foot picnic tables without any trouble and is usable on both hard cement driveways or out on soft soil. The Kingpin does recommend that you grab some extra stakes and support ropes to help out with this particular design, as the extra coverage will also be more susceptible to strong winds!

If you’re having an event that requires a couple of different height options for your canopy tent, check out this ShelterLogic 2-in-1 Max AP Canopy.  It comes with a very sturdy powder-coated steel frame with several poles to hold it in place properly and a UV-treated canopy roof.


  • ​This tent comes with a bonus event tent with two side panels to give you even more options for whatever your outdoor experiences may bring.
  • The tent holds up to wind well without tipping over or blowing away.


  • You may need to purchase extra stakes for this large tent.
  • The included directions may be tough to follow.

Pink Easy Pop Up Canopy

No products found.

For some events, like big tailgating parties or high school graduations, you need a tent that comes in bright, vibrant, and hard-to-find colors. This is where the No products found. really shines! This tent comes with six removable sidewalls that feature windows on four of the walls and zippered doors on the other two. It comes in several different vivid colors that will make your outdoor event really pop!

Oh my goodness. The Kingpin has never seen something this PINK! Of all our party tents for sale, this one will be perfect for your little princess. This particular party tent ties up at the sides and actually looks somewhat close to your daughter's beautiful bed canopy. Grab one today and fill it with balloons to give her an elegant outdoor birthday party she wont soon forget!


  • ​The tents usually arrive with all of their pieces intact and present.
  • This tent is very sturdy and withstands rain and wind quite well.


  • The tent may take some time to put together with or without assistance.
  • The colored tents may be harder to keep clean since you can’t use harsh products on them without risking the color becoming stripped.
No products found.

Deluxe Party Tent in Green

Formosa Covers SUNMART Deluxe Screen House Extra Large Gazebo Canopy Shade and Mosquito Net Protection - Green 12'x20'

This dark green beauty is also quite different from our other list entries. If it's mosquitoes and bugs that you're worried about then this may be perfect for you. The Deluxe Part Tent  comes in a lovely forest green accented by a white metal frame and screen shade for protection form insects. The fabric has undergone water-resistance treatment and will be a great addition to your next family camping trip.

This tent is dark green and comes with six pull-open entrance walls that can be opened or closed as needed throughout the day to give you all the breeze you want with none of the rain, strong winds, or UV rays. Set it up for a picnic or use it for a church bake sale—it’s very multi-functional!


  • ​This product is easy to set up and take down with a little help from another capable adult.
  • The tent is very elegant and retains its beautiful appearance well even after long-term use.


  • The tent is very challenging to get all the way back into the carrying bag it comes with, so you may want a larger carrying bag for storage purposes.
  • Some customers have reported this tent leaking slightly in the rain.

Pop up 6 Walls Canopy Party Tent Back

DELTA Canopies 10'x20' Ez Pop up Canopy Party Tent Instant Gazebos 100% Waterproof Top with 6 Removable Sides Black - E Model

Oh yes, the Kingpin does love himself a black pop up canopy! And if some of you would have one in pink... well, I think there's some space on this list for a black one.

Choose this EZ Pop Up Canopy Party Tent Instant Gazebo when you’re looking for a different take on the backyard canopy tent. This black waterproof canopy is an elegant variation on the traditional white tent, and it looks especially nice for outdoor corporate events.

The canopy on this beast is heavy duty polyester with a PVC coated waterproof top  and it comes with 2 removable window sidewalls and 2 removable front & back zippered doors. It sits sturdy on a metal base and the sturdy steel frame and durable nylon connectors will ensure stability.

Even more awesome than the cool black color, it comes with a convenient carry bag and requires NO assembly because it doesn't have any loose parts!


  • ​Some customers have reported this product staying together very well even in heavier, stronger winds.
  • It’s easy to learn how to set up this tent and get the hang of it with or without help.


  • Some customers have reported rain causing this tent to collapse, especially heavier rains.
  • You may want to purchase extra stakes or ropes for this canopy since it doesn’t come with very many.

Delta Wedding Party Tent Canopy

DELTA Canopies 23'x16.5' Wedding Party Tent Canopy Gazebo Heavy Duty Water Resistant White

Looking for a tent with plenty of windowed sidewalls to give your event tons of light and a touch of class, too? If so, the Delta Canopies Canopy Gazebo  may be the right product for you. This tent features a frame that is designed to be resistant to rust and damage while remaining sturdy and easy to operate.

This is one of the more elegant party tents for sale on this list and the great canopy top design is primarily responsible for that. There are 8 elegant window ports on the removable sidewalls and this canopy is also made from polyester with a PVC coated waterproof top. This will most likely be a recurring quality of the last few models in this price range. Please take note of the sturdy fixtures and the metal frame base, as these are also better features that you are ponying up for.


  • ​The tent is very sturdy in the wind once it is set up properly.
  • The tent’s walls are easy to put up or take down as needed, so you can even change the configuration throughout your event if necessary.


  • Some customers have reported this canopy collapsing under rain, since it tends to collect in the center of the canopy.
  • The included instructions are hard to follow.

Outsunny Large Decagon

Outsunny 29’x20’ Large 10-Wall Event Wedding Gazebo Canopy Tent with Open Floor Design & Weather Protection, White

For those of you wondering, a decagon is any shape or polygon with ten sides and ten angles. Well, that's what we have right here and it certainly adds to the flair of this party tent. Other than it's unique shape, this winner from Outsunny  also offers more space than our previous party tents for sale. Covering an area dimension of 29x20 it's got plenty of room inside and there are NO support beams throughout the interior... which means oodles of space your guests, tables and dance floor.

Sometimes, when you’re setting up an outdoor event, you want a tent that looks a little different and stands out from the rest. Again, this tent features an open floor in the center with no central poles, and it comes with ten optional sidewalls, two of which are pull-open doors that give the entrance to the gazebo an elegant and aesthetically pleasing appearance.


  • ​The product is easy to put together, and the sidewalls are also easy to put up or take down as needed.
  • When set up and tied down properly, this tent is very sturdy and won’t sway or tip over easily.


  • Some products may arrive with damaged or missing pieces and customers have had trouble getting replacements from the company.
  • Rarely, the poles may bend in very high winds.

We may be encroaching into higher price points here so things are about to get heavy...

Heavy Duty Wedding Party Tent

32'x16' PE Party Tent White - Heavy Duty Wedding Canopy Carport Shelter - with Storage Bags - By DELTA Canopies

Heavy duty is right! Look at the size of this thing. Quite frankly, the Kingpin never even realized they made these things this large until he started compiling this list for y'all.

This 32x16 heavy duty party tent  backs down into good 'ol water and UV resistant polyethylene territory but this is still a great deal for the amount of outdoor partying you'll be able to handle! Featuring 10 beautiful window style, removable sidewalls and both front and back door provisions, it's quite obvious that this mammoth will require some help to set up. The Kingpin is happy to tell you that that would be a small price to pay for all the outdoor party real estate you'll be getting out of this behemoth.

If you’re looking for an extra-wide canopy tent with a sturdy and heavy-duty frame, this one is for you. This high-quality canopy style tent comes with four storage bags and is made of galvanized steel for extra security. It comes with everything you need to set it up and use it safely and securely right away.


  • The seams on this canopy’s fabric are heat-sealed and designed to be waterproof for an even more secure experience.
  • There is tons of room inside this tent, and some customers have reported being able to fit several tables for a wedding reception inside with no trouble.


  • It may take some time to get this tent set up, and you’ll need help from a couple of other capable adults because of the size.
  • The nuts for the attachment bolts may be loose on some products.

PVC Pole Tent

DELTA Canopies 30'x20' PVC Pole Tent - Heavy Duty Wedding Party Canopy Shelter - with Storage Bags

OK the Kingpin has a bone to pick. That's right, the Kingpin hates him a sloppy photoshopped canopy press pic! This is a perfectly great addition to this list that is now probably marred due to the fact that some putz decided that it didn't deserve a well-done product photo.

Don't let looks deceive you though, this 30x20 PVC pole tent  is a fine addition to this EPIC canopy list! It features a high quality galvanized steel tube frame, 100% PVC tarp for maximum waterproofing and protection from weather and 4 beautiful window style removable sidewalls with 2 zipper doors too boot.

With the PVC Pole Tent Heavy Duty Canopy Shelter, you can create an outdoor space that’s sure to give you all the room you need to set up for your next church event or outdoor sale. This tent includes three durable storage bags to help protect the canopy and frame when not in use, and it comes with sidewalls and built-in windows that will help you get plenty of light without having to worry about rain or wind becoming a problem.

Ideal for both commercial and recreational use, it's a shame that the manufacturers haven't spent the time or at least any reasonable effort into the promo photo of this great canopy tent. You gotta love that charcoal blue-ish gray by the way!


  • ​The tent is very sturdy and isn’t prone to developing leaves even in heavier rains.
  • This canopy is easy to keep clean and to break down for storage purposes too.


  • This tent is only available in white and does not come in any other color choices.
  • The included directions are very difficult to follow and it may take some time to get this tent set up and ready for use.

Shade Tree Heavy Duty Event Tent

Shade Tree 20' x 40' Heavy Duty Event, Party, Wedding Tent, Canopy, Carport, w/Sidewalls

Holy hell, a baby elephant could get married under this thing!

This humongous Shade Tree 20x40 canopy product  is one of the biggest party tents for sale available online. Period. It can hold a whopping 100 people seated theater-style or 64 guests seated at 8 round tables. The canopy and sidewalls are made of 180 gram polyethylene woven fabric and the beautiful windows are adorned with lattice and end walls are equipped with zippers for the doorways.

The Shade Tree offering is a spacious and sturdy tent that’s perfect for just about any need. It features removable sidewalls that are designed with large windows to let in plenty of sun but no wind or rain, and the frame is made of galvanized steel. The whole canopy is easy to set up and lock in place safely and securely, and the canopy itself is capable of blocking up to 90% of the sun’s rays.

With party tent rentals amounting in the several hundreds for something of this size, it's sometimes just better to get one for yourself! These things are easy enough to setup anyways and most models are just a YouTube video or two away from setting up. Consider the possibility of owning one of these, you could even rent it out yourself and make the investment back in one fell swoop!


  • ​The tent is very elegant and aesthetically appealing when it’s set up and in place.
  • This product is easy to set up and lightweight enough that, even though it’s very large, it should only require a couple of people to take care of putting it together.


  • Rarely, the product may arrive with holes in it due to shipping or storage, but the company should help with replacements if this happens to you.
  • The fabric may be a little thinner on this product than on some of the others listed here.

What great deals! There are plenty of options and colors, shapes and sizes for all the party tents for sale on this list. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

ShelterLogic Blue Cover

ShelterLogic Celebration Canopy, Blue, 20 x 20 ft.

Set up the ShelterLogic Celebration Canopy  in your backyard or at your next outdoor event and protect your guests in comfort and in style. This tent’s canopy is made of thick polyester and includes a decorative valance to help a little bit with shade. The frame is made of powder-coated steel that’s heavy-duty enough to withstand a lot of wear and tear but lightweight enough to be easy to set up, too.

There are a couple more things to this little guy has to offer! Stuff like fitted swedged pipes to lock frame construction into place, wide foot plates on every leg to add stability and create easy-access anchor points, and a fully 100% waterproof, TRIPLE layer UV treated canopy cover with added fade blockers, anti-aging and anti fungal agents.

This 20x20 royal blue model may not be suitable for all budgets, but you're really paying for more than some of the other party tents for sale on this list. The Kingpin has to admit that this model has perked his interest!


  • ​This tent stands up well to use in the rain and wind without much cause for concern.
  • It only takes about an hour to get the canopy set up and ready to use.


  • This tent only comes in blue, so you will need to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a specific color.
  • Some products may arrive with some missing pieces.

PVC Party Tent

DELTA Canopies 40'x20' PVC Party Tent - Fire Retardant Heavy Duty Wedding Canopy Shelter - with Storage Bags

WOAH! The Kingpin loved this one in particular because it's probably one of the nicest values on this list of party tents for sale. Why? Well, it has almost all the features of all of these models put together in one durable, practical and gorgeous package.

Are you looking for a very spacious outdoor tent for a large wedding or another big event? If so, the 40x20 PVC Party Tent  may be the perfect option for you. This tent features a UV-resistant and fire-retardant canopy roof and sidewalls made of PVC. It comes with a heavy, sturdy frame and a metal base as well as six separate storage bags to make it easier than ever to transport and store your new favorite tent.

You certainly won't be having any problems with space or coverage with this model and at 40x20 you're lucky to have enough guests to fill this sucker out! It's also made with 100% waterproof PVC tarp and the high quality galvanized steel tubes framework provides maximum protection from the elements. It also comes with 12 beautiful window-ported, removable sidewalls and 2 front and back doors so it can be customized to look great for any function. Please take note of the other photos to get a good look (click on through the image to see) at the different setups this thing is capable of and the sturdy framework.

So, yeah it's definitely not for all budgets but you're certainly getting the most bang for your buck. The Kingpin proudly suggests for you to CHECK OUT THIS BEAST OF A PARTY TENT!


  • ​This tent holds up very well to rain and even light thunderstorms.
  • The directions are easy to follow, and as long as you have enough help, you should have no trouble putting this product together easily.


  • This product may be well over some budgets.
  • The poles on this tent can’t be adjusted, so if you need something taller than the standard, you may want to look elsewhere.

Clevr Removable Sidewalls Canopy

No products found.

Set up the No products found. tent and you’ll be ready to enjoy all sorts of incredible outdoor events in comfort and in style. This tent comes with six separate sidewalls that can be removed or installed as needed, and the canopy is UV protected and designed to block up to 90% of the sun’s rays as well.


  • ​The windows on the longer walls of this canopy are heavy-duty and let in plenty of light without allowing in any rain that may come your way.
  • This tent is durable enough to be used for commercial purposes as well as for wedding receptions.


  • The tent has a central pole design that may limit mobility within the gazebo itself.
  • It may be challenging to figure out how to properly put this tent together, and you will need assistance.
No products found.

Quictent Heavy Duty Outdoor ​​​​​​​​Gazebo

Quictent 20' x 20' Heavy Duty Outdoor Gazebo Party Wedding Tent Canopy Carport Shelter with Carry Bags (20x20, White)

When you’re looking for a spacious wedding-style tent but you don’t need something massive in your backyard or at your venue, look no further than the Quictent Heavy Duty Outdoor Gazebo . This high-quality tent is sure to give you and your guests all the space you need to spread out comfortably while still retaining a sense of coziness and closeness too.


  • ​This beautiful tent is very easy to keep clean and stored after it’s set up.
  • The corner joints are reinforced with heavy-duty sturdy metal for maximum safety and security.


  • This product is very challenging to put together and may require either several adults or an experience handyman.
  • The included directions are sometimes confusing and tough to follow.

PVC Pole Tent Wedding Canopy Shelter

40'x20' PVC Pole Tent - Heavy Duty Party Wedding Canopy Shelter - With Storage Bags - By DELTA Canopies

Pick up this spacious 40x20 foot wedding-style shelter canopy  when you’re looking for something big enough for a lot of people to fit comfortably inside. This tent comes with sidewalls and a durable canopy top, all made of sturdy PVC.


  • ​This product is very heavy-duty and sturdy, and it will stay firmly in place when set up correctly.
  • Although some customers have worried this product may look a little tacky, it’s actually very elegant and sophisticated in appearance.


  • This product only comes in white, so you won’t have a lot of options when it comes to decor and style choices.
  • The zippers on the carrying bags may not hold up to a lot of usage.

Eurmax 10x20 Ft Premium EZ Pop Up Instant Canopy

Eurmax Premium 10 x 20 EZ Pop up Canopy Tent Wedding Party Canopies Gazebo Shade Shelter Commercial Grade with Wheeled Bag (Kelly Green)

The Eurmax 10x20 Ft Premium EZ Pop Up Instant Canopy  is a large, heavy-duty tent that’s as easy to set up as it is to take down. It comes in tons of beautiful, vibrant colors and includes a durable wheeled carrying case as well.


  • ​If you’re looking to customize your tent, this product makes that very easy.
  • The tent’s canopy holds up well to exposure to bright, direct sunlight.


  • Rarely, the tent may arrive with a bent or broken leg.
  • The tent may be very heavy and too hard for a single person to operate alone.

So there you have it! The Kingpin hope you utterly ENJOYED that as much as he did...

Were you able to find the perfect tent for your next event? 

As you can see, there are tons of options out there, and picking the right one may take some time and thought. You’ll need to consider your yard or venue space, the style you’re looking for, the colors you may need, and of course, your budget. There may even be some other considerations to think about before your purchase, too, and each situation will be different.

But did you know there are some things you need to remember after you buy your tent, too?

Here are five things to keep in mind when you buy a tent like this:

5 Things To Remember About Your Brand New Party Tent Purchase

Maintenance - If your tent breaks or your canopy is ripped, you’re going to need to know how to replace the parts that become damaged. For this reason, you’ll have to know a little bit about how to maintenance your tent.

Storage - If you don’t have the space to store a very large tent somewhere, then you should probably not purchase it. Think about the storage room and options you have before you buy—and after!

Rental Opportunities - Are you going to be able to save money by renting a tent from someone else? Conversely, can you rent your tent out when you’re done with it?

Other Events - Is there anything else coming up that you can use your tent for? Will you be able to use it for the company picnic year after year?

Cleaning - Do you know how to clean your new tent? Will you be willing and able to clean it after each use?

Owning a large party tent is more than just setting it up and taking it down again, but with the right attention to the above points, you’ll be able to enjoy your new tent for a long time to come.


OK, the moral of the story is this: save some cash on rental fees and invest in any one of these party tents for sale for your next outdoor event.

Whether it's a large family reunion, a catered function in the rain or even the next time junior ties the knot, hosting your next outdoor party will be a breeze and you will finally be able to enjoy the festivities with true peace-of-mind.

Any of these designs are also perfect for any of you budding party tent rental entrepreneurs out there and they are obviously made to cater to both professionals as well as consumers.

So, if you need excellent build quality or cost-cutting practical options, the Kingpin hopes this EPIC list of party tents for sale online has given you a couple of ideas, at the very least. After all, the Kingpin only lives to serve.

Get in out of the sun and keep cool today with Canopy Kingpin!


Here is a quick video some of you may find helpful... setting one of these babies ain't exactly rocket science but here's a helpful tutorial video just in case you may need a few pointers. Now some of the models on this list may be a tad different than the one in the video but they're all pretty similar in design and function so it should still be a helpful resource, whatever the case may be.

Don't worry... you're welcome.


Party Tent Infographics

Everyone loves a great infographic... even the Kingpin. Here are some super useful infographics that will give you some great ideas how to use your brand new party tent.

Just to be clear, the Kingpin has yet to release his own infographics... (don't worry they're in the works, though) all the images below have been sourced from various other sites on the internet. Pretty much all of them are indicated on the bottom of images so give them some love and visit the sites if you'd like. ENJOY!

party tents for sale or for rent? you decide!

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