9 Great Ways To Make Your Next Outdoor Party Unforgettable

So you've decided to hold another awesome outdoor party. Maybe it's a rip-roaring family reunion BBQ or perhaps you're just looking for a reason to test out your brand new replacement canopy...

Whatever the case may be, the Kingpin salutes your decision! However, everyone is holding outdoor parties these days, tented or otherwise, when the weather permits. What sets you apart? How are you going to distinguish yours from the others?

In an effort to give your upcoming outdoor party the upper hand, the Kingpin has come up with some cool and kooky ideas for you that are a tad out of the ordinary! So, get comfy and come check out these 9 Great Ways To Make Your Next Outdoor Party Unforgettable:

1. Dunk Tanks

Dunk tanks are popular in any carnival or fair because it is fun for everyone, even the guy in the tank! It is possible to find a dunk tank rental for a reasonable price (about $200 for 8 hours if you look hard enough). There are dunk tanks for sale online but it can cost you a pretty penny (think upwards of $3,000!) so if you're gonna spring for one, just make sure you'll be using it a lot:

Red Dunk Tank 500 Gallon

No products found.
No products found.

Hi Striker Dunk Tank W/Trailer 350 Gallon

Hi Striker Dunk Tank W/Trailer 350 Gallon #HI100

Soak 'N' Wet (For All You Cheapskates)

Soak 'N' Wet (Alternative Dunk Tank) Made in USA

You can also build one if you are looking for a DIY project to keep you busy for a while. Whether you choose a dunking booth rental or get your own, you and your guests can have a roaring good time taking turns getting wet in the dunk tanks!

2. Inflatable Water Slides

A bouncy slide. Of course. Kids love it, adults want to go on it. Well, inflatables are good for all ages. They are also easy to set up, so there is no reason why you should not look at inflatable water slides for sale. There are all kinds available to fit every budget and available space. Check out some of the Kingpin's best finds below:


Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide with Pool

Bounceland Inflatable Cascade Water Slide with Large Pool, Two Water Slides, Water Sprayer for Splashing, UL Strong Blower Included, 16.5 ft x 16.5 ft x 7 ft H, Summer Party Must Have

Big Blue Lagoon Inflatable Water Slide

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Inflatable Double Water Slide with Splash Pool

Inflatable Double Water Slide with Splash Pool

3. Bounce Houses

Another inflatable party option for you is the inflatable bounce house. Bounce house rentals are as varied as inflatable water slides, as are any bounce house for sale. Bounce houses for sale fit every budget, but if you buy one you do get stuck with just one kind. Here are some great options:


New Shop Inflatable Mighty Bounce House

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Island Hopper Racing Slide and Slam Bounce House

Island Hopper Racing Slide and Slam Recreational Bounce House

New Shop Inflatable Mighty Bounce House

Island Hopper Fort All Sport Recreational Kids Bounce House with Fort Area, Climbing Wall, Basketball, Soccer Shot, Curved Slide & Twist & Tangle Game

If you are going for bounce house rentals, however, you can go as thematic as you want. Take note, though, bounce houses for rent can cost you between $75 and $125. Considering that a moon bounce house or indoor bounce house for sale can go for as low as $200 (used or on sale), it might be a waste of money to rent one. Invest a bit more and own one!

4. Fun Mirrors

Who says funny mirrors are only found in carnivals? The Kingpin has actually done the homework and it is actually pretty easy to find fun house mirrors you can rent. Thank the stars for this though... there aren't too many of these badboys for sale these days.

The Kingpin did find this particular site that sells a product called a carnival mirror that does everything a dozen fun mirrors can do. It is, “a flexible, portable, unbreakable, distortion mirror.” The jumbo (56”by 84”) is $65 with free delivery in the US. Not bad at all.

You can also check out your local classified's (or Craigslist for that matter) if you really want to own one.

Setting up an actual DIY fun house will be a great treat for your summer party guests. You will have to set up an enclosed area to put the fun mirrors in and that should be easy enough if you have an event tent with side walls to place your fun house mirror in. Creating your own DIY funny mirror is always an option too.

Funny mirrors (or funny subjects in front of mirrors) are always good for a barrel of laughs:


5. Hi Striker

A great gimmick for your outdoor party is a test of strength, and what can be better than a Hi Striker Strength Hammer? Some call it a bell ringer but whatever you call it, it involves a huge hammer and a mighty swing. A High Striker game is mostly known as a classic addition to any county fair or carnival and it will totally be the talk of the town if you have one at your next outdoor bonanza.

You can play the part of a barker at your own personal high striker carnival game and most likely irritate the hell out of your family and friends in the process, and it will certainly make your party super unforgettable.

You can rent a high striker for your event but the price will really depend on the size. It would be best to check out a provider near you and inquire first.

If you look hard enough you can even find a high striker for sale here and there online, but the kiddie ones go for about $1,000 and the big ones for about $6,000 and more. So… I think we can mark this one down as a rental!

6. Giant Lawn Games

Lawn games are always a good choice. You can rent all the giant lawn games you want like Jenga, chess, checkers, bowling, dominos…you name it. And they come pretty cheap at arounf $20 per day. That's a solid deal for your next summer garden get together with the Smiths.

You can also buy them if you're game to shell out upwards of $200 in most cases. They can easily be packed away for another day. A giant inflatable game set will give your party the charm it needs to easily stand out of the crowd and impress your guests. Here are some of the Kingpin's select picks:

MegaChess Giant Chess Set w/ 25" King and Board

MegaChess Giant Oversized Premium Chess Set with 25 Inch Tall King with Quick Fold Nylon Mat

YinArts Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

Yinarts Giant Inflatable Bowling Set

ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score Oversized Game

ECR4Kids-ELR-12507 Jumbo 4-to-Score Giant Game Set, Backyard Games for Kids, Jumbo Connect-All-4 Game Set, Indoor or Outdoor Game, Adult and Family Fun Game, Easy to Transport, 4 Feet Tall, Primary Colors

ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score Oversized Game

No products found.
No products found.

Uber Games Giant Tumble Tower (Giant Jenga)

Uber Games Tumble Tower - Giant Hardwood - Grows from 3 feet to 5 feet

DIY Outdoor Party Solutions

While party rentals are definitely the easy way to go, there are lots of DIY activities you can do that can make for a great outdoor party. Here are some ideas from Pinterest that should pique your interest and creative juices:

7. Shishkaball Ball-Drop Game


The ball drop game is like Kerplunk, but this is the bigger version. You can print out as many scorecards as you want. The object of the game is to remove as many stakes that the opposing team placed without dropping any of the balls.

This is a bit like Jenga at that. Each stake successfully removed is a point. The team with the most number of stakes removed is, of course, the winner. Check out the original tutorial HERE.

8. DIY Twister (For All You Cheapskates Out There)


By definition, Twister is a giant game, but you can add another layer of frugal fun by painting the circles directly on the grass and not have to deal with the paper slipping and sliding just when you have achieved an impossibly Yoga-esque position. The grass also cushions your fall quite nicely.

Is this easy to do? You bet. You just need four cans of spray paint and you are good to go. If you are truly evil, do not wait for the paint to dry before starting the game! Check out the rest of the instructions to make sure you don't screw anything up, as well as how to make your own DIY spinner.

9. Giant LCR Game


This is something new you can introduce to your guests. This is a dice game where the object of the game is to collect as many chips as you can. Instead of numbers, the die contains the letters L-C-R (Left-Center-Right).

Making the special dice should be simple enough; it just takes some paper stencils, 4” by 4” wood cubes (you can ask your local handyman to help cut them for you), and some spray paint. You can use disposable plates for your “chips.”

You can check out the rules of the game and all the instructions right HERE.


There you have it, 9 pretty awesome outdoor party props and ideas that will make your next garden bonanza super unforgettable! The Kingpin even gave you some great, budget-conscious DIY outdoor game ideas for all of you looking to impress your guests on the cheap. Now none of you have any excuse for throwing terribly boring outdoor events from this point on.

So, the next time you plan on hosting another awesome party tent event, try to think out of the box a bit and make sure your guests will have enough reason to remember your party among the ocean of garden parties they'll be attending this summer.​

Do you have any great ideas for your next outdoor event? What else do you think would go great with that awesome party tent of yours? If you think of anything worth mentioning, let the Kingpin know in the comments below.

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