6 Great Sun Blocking Window Treatments For Sale Online (Pros & Cons Compared)

Has the sun become too unbearable even inside your own home?

Do you think that parts of your house are too hot during the day?

Or do nosy neighbors and prying eyes give you anxiety and stress?

It may be time to get your windows tinted with a special coating to keep UV rays and curious strangers out of your living room.

Sun blocking window treatments have become a necessity in our homes and offices today. You all agree that a little sun and light never hurt anyway. However, too much exposure to the UV rays has grim consequences.In addition, there is nothing wrong with protecting your privacy and property from over exposure to the dangerous UV rays.

The idea of sun blocking films or products may be a foreign idea to some people. The sun blocking protection films help improve insulation, reduces glare and help extend the life of furnishings. What are some of the benefits of the sun blocking products? What are the best window films? Where do I make the purchase?

The article hopes to be a great resource for anyone interested in the topic as it will try to answer all these questions and more! The Kingpin says so... IT SHALL BE. Read on!

Best Sun Blocking Window Treatment Films

So let's keep this simple... here are some of the best sun blocking items the Kingpin found for you online. ENJOY!

Gila PB78 Privacy Residential Window Film

Gila Privacy Black Static Cling Residential DIY Window Film No Glue No Adhesive 3ft x 6.5ft (36in x 78in) - PB78

Product Description: Enjoy the light without risking your privacy. The DIY privacy window films improve the window appearance by creating a designer look. They block UV rays that reduce fading of furnishings. They are among the best and long lasting window tints in the market. It is black in color and 36 inches by 6 ½ feet long.


  • Rejects up to 94 percent glare and 99 percent UV
  • Enhances daytime privacy
  • It requires no adhesive to cling

BDF NA05 Window film Privacy and Sun Control N05

Product Description: This window film has neutral coloration that is lightly reflective. It offers an excellent cost when compared to the performance ration. It is ideal for a traditional tinted look. Also, it is available in 5, 20, 35 and 50 percent moderate reflective heat rejection has 99 percent UV rejection. It is a length of 36 inches by 12 ft.


  • It has a professional adhesive film and material that is durable
  • The film has a scratch resistant coating
  • It reduces fading on furnishing by offering 99 percent UV rays
  • It creates an ideal daytime privacy
  • It has a very dark and reflective shade that keeps rooms cool and dark.
  • It reduces glare and heat

BDF BLKT Window Film Blackout Privacy (36” by 6Ft)

BDF BLKT Window Film Blackout Privacy (36' x 6Ft)

Product Description: The window film is designed to offer privacy and block out excess light. It creates 100 % opacity creating ideal applications for rooms that require view shielding and absolute privacy. The black tint film is ideal for office space, study room windows, and conference rooms.


  • It is ideal for keeping rooms dark
  • It blocks out all light
  • It is scratch resistant and durable
  • It offers privacy
  • It is not ideal for insulated windows or dual pane
  • It creates a modern and chic look.

BDF HNC20 Window Film Premium Heat control And Energy Saving Chrome

BDF HNC20 Window Film Premium Heat Control and Energy Saving, Chrome (Dark) - 36in X 15ft

Product Description: This film is effective in rejecting heat compared to most films. The films contain no dye, and they are sputtered. The two features make it efficient in rejecting heat thereby reducing fading. In addition, it contains chromium and nickel that offer a greater barrier against solar energy. It captures and disperses the heat throughout the entire surface it is applied on. The film is ideal for office and home windows that receive sufficient amount of sunlight. It is available in dark, medium and very light forms that block heat and offer effective sun control.


  • It is not ideal for insulated windows and dual panels
  • It blocks excess heat from the sun
  • It reduces fading on furnishings.
  • It is available in various shades

SolarKing VLT SK9070 Automative car Shatterproof UV Blocking Nano Ceramic Window Tint Film Roll

SolarKing 90% IR 70% VLT SK9070 Automotive Car Shatterproof UV Blocking Nano Ceramic Window Tint Film Roll 30' x 10' Bulk Self Adhesive Tinting Kit with Scraper, Light Blue

Product Description: It contains a 90 %infra- red rejection rate that allows high visibility. The VLT percentage lowers the darker it gets. For instance 05 per cent results in total darkness compared to 70 percent VLT and it creates a tinted look.


  • It is a 30” by 10’ inches window film that has a shatterproof protective film and is durable.
  • It has a 44 percent solar energy rejection and anti-glare
  • It has a glass breakage protection
  • It is fully enabled to capture wireless signal, FM, GPS and cell phone signals included.
  • It is waterproof
  • The film is delicate, flexible to bend and easy to operate
  • It is odorless thanks to the Nano ceramic feature

Clear UV Protection Window Film (30” wide by 6.5 ft Roll)

GordonGlass Clear UV Protection Window Film 30' Wide x 6.5 ft. Roll

Product Description: The window film is made of polyester and polyester blend. It is ideal for interior furnishings, windows, and floorings that are prone to fading as a result of damaging UV rays. It should not be applied on Plexiglas or plastic surfaces, windows that are over 40 years, motor vehicle windows or deeply scratched, cracked, etched and frosted windows.


  • It offers maximum UV protection devoid of the tint
  • It leaves a clear appearance
  • It is scratch resistant
  • It can be placed in multiple contents of the same film as a continuous role up to 100 feet

The window films and covering can be purchased from physical and online vendor stores. Shipping is free in most states, especially for online shoppers. The films and coverings have the manufacturers warranty and are of high quality.

What Are Sun Blocking Window Treatments?

What exactly are window treatments and why do they matter? They are interior decorating elements that are placed on, in, around and over the window. The main agenda is to install elements that will enhance the aesthetic value of the window and the overall room.

They include:

  • Hard treatment options made from wood or vinyl
  • Window shutters
  • Window blinds
  • Window shades
  • Soft treatment options such as curtains and drapes.

They may be shades, blinds, films and curtains that block the heat and glare from the sun. The sun blocking window treatment options are perfectly designed to solve the dilemma, allowing the best the windows have to offer without obstructing the view.

Different sun blocking shades are designed to serve various purposes. Some shades are meant for light control, and others are for insulation purposes. For those looking to control the light inlet, blackout blinds, and shades, shutters included are ideal. The blackout blinds are made from fabric that stops light from penetrating through the fabric.

In some instances, the blackout fabric stops light from passing light through as well as stopping the light between the window shades and frames too. Besides blocking the light, they insulate the windows thereby reducing the energy bills.

There are window shades designed to control, light and reduce the heat gain. However, it will not block the outside view. The solar sun shades are made from screen fabric. The screen material is known to filter the UV rays from the sun without obstructing the view.

It is important to know that the solar screen shade come in various weaves. Tighter weaves allow less sun through the window compared to the less tight weaves ones. However, the view tends to be blocked. Less tight weaves allow a substantial light thereby creating a better view of the outside world.

The window treatments are made from various materials. Some of them are made from vinyl, polyester, and polyester blends. The blinds may be of wood as in the case of wood blinds. Plastic and fabrics are often used to design some window covering such as vertical slides and curtains.

The choice of the sunscreen window treatments depends on individual tastes and style preferences. Some people may be looking for a way to keep out the sun, excess light and maintain their privacy. Others may be looking to decorate their homes and still keep the excess heat way. There are some window coverings that add aesthetic value to the house and reduce the heat glare.

For instance, the wood blinds are a popular choice among homeowners. The wood blinds are natural slates that come in different designs. They may either be painted or stained. They arrange from the richly stained Ebony to line pipes to bamboo. They offer a complementary look thanks to the numerous decorative styles.

Installation Procedure

Installing the window coverings is not a complex affair. It is not rocket science. For some of the treatment option, a simple DIY is possible. For instance, anyone can fix a curtain or a drape with a lot of ease as it requires no manual. Fixing the window films may be a bit tricky. One may be forced to seek the services of a professional to avoid creating a mess.

DIY Tips for Installing Window Treatments

The thought of involving a professional to measure, order and install window treatments makes our wallets for cover. We are not against seeking professional help, but we know engaging a professional my cost an arm and a leg. However, you do not have to engage one unless you have money to spare, or it is totally necessary.

Have Your Hardware and Tools Ready

The following set of tools will be most likely needed:

  • Ladder/stool
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill
  • Screwdrivers
  • Anchors
  • Levels

While working, ensure you tools at a close range to avoid distractions during the installation process. It is not rocket science, but it calls for a lot of concentration.

Read the Instruction Manual

The rule of the thumb is to open the box containing the window treatments carefully. Avoid using a utility knife or razor blade. Lay everything out and well to ensure all the pieces are present. Avoid the temptation to begin installation before reading the instruction in the manual or package.

Measure Twice and Drill Once

The tape measure and level come in handy. Use a ladder or high stool for assistance. The shade or treatment should be placed at the center of the window frame. In most instances, the hardware and brackets will be pre-drilled. Ensure you follow the stated measurement.

Use the Proper Anchors

For installations that do not need drilling, proper wall anchors should be used depending on the weight. Why is this crucial? It may involve a lot of tugging and pulling and it is important to ensure that the fasteners can handle the stress

Seek Help When You Need It

Do not be afraid to ask for help if the need arises. Call customer care or your local sun-blocking treatment professional.

Pros and cons of window treatments


  • They offer aesthetic values to a living space. For instance, wood blinds offer may decorative and complementary styles.
  • It protects furnishings and furniture from fading as a result of direct sun rays
  • It reduces glare from the sun.
  • It offers privacy and protection, thanks to the tinted and dark look.
  • They insulate against sound and cold.
  • It controls the amount of light entering a room
  • They give a modern and chic appearance to a space.


  • Ceiling is flimsy and may get too heavy if it collects rain.
  • Some treatment options require regular cleaning.
  • Some designs will leak some light even when fully closed.
  • Some of them can easily break or bend easily especially those with aluminum and plastic blinds.
  • They may take up a lot of space making the room appear small.

Who can benefit from the window treatments

A window treatment is more than a window covering. Different kinds of treatments are used to enhance the style and functionality of the windows. It is important to note that one can use a single treatment option or combine 2 or more techniques.


People who love to keep a private life can greatly benefit from the sun blocks. Closing the drapes or applying films on the window will keep your private out of the public eye. They are important for offices where privacy is crucial such as the doctors’ office or a boardroom where meetings are held.

Energy saving

For anyone hoping to save on energy, the window treatments will act as good insulators. The treatments will prevent excessive heat from entering a space. In addition, it helps retain the heat during cold seasons. By doing so, one can save on the heating and cooling costs.


For people looking to improve the aesthetic value of their living spaces, this is the way to go. Window treatments have the ability to enhance the overall visual appeal of any room. There are various options to choose from ranging from the traditional to the classic and contemporary setting.

Different rooms require different designs based on the function.

Light control

Individuals who love to control, the amount of light getting inside their house will greatly benefit from installing the treatments. For those who want darker atmospheres, treatments can be used to cover the whole window entirely. It makes sleeping during the day peaceful. For those who love a well illuminated, opening the drape or installing reflective tints is a great idea.


One of the advantages of the treatments is that they offer protection. It protects from the sun, and excess light.It also protects the items in your home from the UV rays which may damage or fade them or from opportunistic thieves.


The importance of installing wind sun blocking windows treatments cannot be underestimated. It is time to say goodbye to that annoying heat from the scorching sun that will cause your furniture or wall paintings to fade. The window protectors will regulate the amount of light seeping into a room, prevent heat gain or loss in a room thereby saving up on heating and cooling costs and still maintain the privacy of your space. In some cases, it creates an aesthetic value that may impact positively on the value of the house in case it is sold.

The good news is that there is something for everyone, regardless of the budget. There are simple DIY drapes and curtains for those working on a tight budget. They are affordable and very easy to install. A professional is not needed. On the other hand, there are the expensive ones such as the window films. They are more effective, pricier and may require the services of a professional when it comes to installation. In the long run, everyone has something that fits their budget.

The type of the window covering selected will depend on individual preferences, the budget and the reasons for installation. The next you want to decorate your house and still regulate the amount of light coming in, invest in window covering treatments.

The window films and covering can be purchased online or from the vendors in the physical locations. Shipping is free in most states.

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