Classy Polycarbonate Window / Door Canopy

Some times less is indeed more!

Looking for something to beautify your home facade? This classy-looking clear polycarbonate door canopy offers a style for some of you who may be interested in a see-through setup and it’s practical too. Set it up by the doorway or as a window canopy and add a modern look to any home.

This thing doesn’t just look great but it can help you conserve energy too. Cool your home with energy-saving door canopy shade this summer instead of spending a fortune on bloated air-conditioning bills! Set one up by the living room window and entertain your guests in comfort, out of the heat.

3 Foot Overhead Clear Awning Door Window Canopy Modern Polycarbonate

This will be a penny-wise purchase as well, as this door canopy actually looks just like another competitor’s product but is almost HALF the price. I mean it’s a good deal and that’s always worth a look.

So check out the link below and give your front door the door canopy treatment it’s been waiting for. Put a modern twist on your home and keep out the summer sun and heat while you’re at it! Keep cool with Canopy Kingpin today!

P.S. Do you need something bigger? This bad boy has an awesome older door canopy brother! this one is 6″ instead of 3″ and literally doubles your sun-shaded area. I went ahead and attached a link to it below.

Bigger brother, similar practical value, just as classy and clear!

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