When you have a car, the first thing that you would want to do is to preserve your car’s beauty for a long time. So you often think of ways how to keep your car from damage. Keeping your car exposed under the heat of the sun often can make its paint lose its original color. If you want to conserve the attractiveness of your car then you need to keep it in a carport when not in use. However, there are houses without carports. If you own a car but do not have a carport, the best way to handle this situation is to invest in a portable garage or a car canopy. Vehicle canopies come in different forms and sizes. Some are portable and some are built in. There are even some with door panels. Vehicle canopies can protect your car from too much exposure from heat, rain and dust. If you are interested to know the different kinds of vehicle canopies, check out this site. You will definitely find the answer for whatever purpose you need. You can also even see here some vehicle canopies that you can use on the go for camping and trips. Read thoroughly and find out what is the vehicle canopy suitable for your kind of car.