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Whether its an outdoor event like a family barbecue or spring wedding, or if you're an avid participant of the weekend market or annual trade expo, a party tent or pop up canopy is an essential addition to your business or home garage. When you're caught out in the elements with some celebrating to do, these beauties may be the only thing keeping you between a picture-perfect union, and this week's muddy, drenched #weddingfail on YouTube! Let's hope not...

What Exactly is a Party Tent?

Party tents are handy shelters that you can put up outdoors, either by yourself or with a helping hand (depending on the size of tent of course). They are portable tents on a frame (sometimes made from powder-coated metal, aluminum or PVC, among others) that you can bring to almost any outdoor area and set up accordingly. They are sometimes made of canvas, or of similar synthetic material and are supported by frameworks of poles that are incredibly useful for protecting your occasion from the elements. These white event tents (they come in all sorts of colors, actually) give you the ability to hold events safely and securely outdoors without having to think to much about unpredictable whether or the summer heat.

What Exactly is a Pop Up Canopy Tent?

Pop up canopies or popup canopy tents are probably the most popular canopy coverage product people choose these days. They're super portable, collapsible tents that usually range anywhere from 5 to 10 feet in height and about 20 feet in length. They aren't difficult to install so people enjoy the convenience. Pop ups are generally not used for parties though, and these types of tents are more often seen during sporting events, trade shows and even festivals.

Which One Should I Choose?

That really depends on what you need it for, really...

But rest assured, whether you're looking for a party tent canopy or a simpler-style pop up tent product, either one is GREAT because they both give people more space to relax and enjoy the outdoors without the stress of the elements. Since you are not confined to the four walls of a room, you and your guests can enjoy a calming view and feel of what mother nature has to offer! Or perhaps, you're literally just looking for RAW coverage for an open space... something that will protect your event quickly and easily, without the commitment of building a permanent structure? Party tent canopy pop ups can do that extremely well too, and after you set down and pack them all away, no one will even know you were there. It's like the perfect pop up party tent crime!

So... are you travelling to a trade expo? Perhaps you're selling merch with a band on tour? Whatever the case may be, if you need a simple yet professional way to give your business some representation, a pop up event tent is the perfect thing. Handle commerce under the protection of your portable canopy where ever you may need it. Your customers will be grateful!

Pop Up Canopy Tents For Sale

Pop ups are great portable tents that you can easily set up wherever you are, whenever you like, really. They're very convenient to use and can fit in your van or truck along with the rest of your gear. When you get to your destination, you literally "pop up" the tents into place for use. A few fastenings here and there and you're good to go! With just 4 poles to stabilize the tent and no walls, you can move freely and comfortably. Awesome, right? So, if you're planning your next outdoor event, make sure to check out our curated portable pop up tent product lists first:

Event Party Tents For Sale

Party tents are in demand these days and just the comfort and convenience alone may be reason enough to want to own one. They're extremely useful especially if you are often hosting events and they're incredibly practical purchases for all you budding professional party planners. Make an investment in your business! Imagine all the money you'll save not having to rent one yourself... maybe you could rent your tent out as well?
Party tent canopies are portable and movable coverage solutions. Set one up anywhere you want!

If you are searching for some of the best party tents money can buy, you came to the right place. Check out our resources below and get to know some of the most popular tent options for sale online:

Beach Pop Ups For Sale

Summer time is beach time! For sure, you won’t let the summer pass without thinking of lazing on the beach with your family and friends. And once you're there, it hits you like a TON of bricks--the heat of the sun is practically unbearable. Don’t let it spoil your summer fun! Having a beach pop up tent comes in handy when it gets too hot for your loved ones (even for you, for that matter) when everyone generally needs a break from the UV rays. Great beach pop up canopies are a breeze to set up on the beach and they'll keep your fun-the-sun outing cool and relaxing all afternoon long. Check out our top picks below to find some amazing beach pop ups that will be a blast to use every time those waves come-a-callin:

Pop Canopy Tent Maintenance

If you already have a pop up canopy tent of your own, and have been using your tent for sometime now, you're probably concerned with canopy tent maintenance. Anything used extensively will need a little TLC from time to time, and maybe even a replacement! Fortunately, with proper care and upkeep, you can surely extend the lifespan of your canopy tent. It's practical and not as hard to do as you'd think. If you're searching for resources on how to maintain, clean and repair your pop up canopy tents, look no further. Check out our resources below for some fantastic ways to take care and preserve your party tents and pop up canopies:

Replacement Products For Your Canopy Tents

Anything that we use on a regular basis is bound to become worn out of commission at some point, right? In dire situations, even your canopy tent may need a replacement. If you are looking for a replacement part for your canopy, you came to the right place. Let the Kingpin guide you and choose the right repair element for your party tent.

REMEMBER: It's important to know your tent very well before you actually buy any replacement parts and this will ensure that you will not regret your purchase! We’ve got some great suggestions for your replacement canopy so please check our resources out below:

Awesome Party Tent Tips

Everyone wants to host a good party, right? An outdoor bash that will be talked about for years to come! This is why hosts, like yourself, may find themselves brainstorming and planning like madmen (and madwomen too) as the date of your party comes up on the horizon! Any backyard party you may be planning to have will be best done outdoors, in the Kingpin's opinion. Think of all the space you'll have for party games, activities and socializing. If you are searching for great ideas for an awesome outdoor party, you'll be thrilled to know that the Kingpin has got you covered. Browse through our collection of posts below to learn some tips that will make your next canopy tent event come to life:

Single Canopy Product Reviews

When you're planning to buy a canopy, the first thing you need to do is to know the facts. Getting to know that particular model you need to purchase is the best way you can be guaranteed of money well-spent. The Kingpin knows this is so, and he goes on research binges every now and then, in order to help you find out more about  that special canopy product you've got your eye on. So if you are planning to buy a particular canopy and you still have doubts about it, browse through these articles below. We may have the exact one you're looking for:

Other Event Tent Resources

There's all sorts of information to be had here with the Kingpin... Just look at the wealth of knowledge in the sections above! But the Canopy Kingpin is at times like a fountain of tent knowledge bombs and sometimes, he just can't help but write, write, WRITE! Check out our other super valuable resources about pop up canopy products below. The Kingpin's got a lot to share so go ahead and carefully peruse our selection, if you like... become one with that special little tent your friends and family will adore: