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It might be difficult to achieve ideal party tent lighting. Understanding the distinction between ambient and task lighting as well as the different kinds of light sources that are available is crucial. Have you ever wondered why party tents are so popular places to use LED lights? What kind of lighting is most effective in generating a festive atmosphere? It's crucial to have the right information regarding party tent lighting if you want to plan a great event. Continue reading to find out more about picking the ideal lighting for your upcoming event!


Party tent lighting can transform any outdoor event into a magical experience.

  • Create a starry night effect with string lights and paper lanterns.
  • Add a touch of elegance with chandeliers and pendant lights.
  • Incorporate color-changing LED lights for an extra wow factor.

With the right lighting, you can create an unforgettable atmosphere for your next outdoor gathering!

What is the best thing about having an outdoor party tent for your event? Why, it is having custom lighting, of course! The Kingpin has known this for a long time, but few have seen the, er, light.

A party tent is like a blank canvas on which you can let loose your creative inclinations, and this can be applied most interestingly with your choice of lighting.

One of the most common of the outdoor tented parties today are weddings. Wedding tent lighting can be anything from fairy-like to cool jazzy, depending on your inclinations. Here are some of the Kingpin’s suggestions for you.

1. LED Tent Light

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  • It's environment friendly.
  • It's super durable.
  • It's long-lasting
  • It's extremely versatile
  • It's safe.

Your wedding tent can be festooned with length upon length of LED string lights along the perimeter and/or radiating from the center. You can choose bright white to mellow yellow, or you can choose something in the middle. LED lights can infuse your party with just the right mood. Here are some samples for you edification. Some pictures used fairy LED lights instead of string; you choose which you like better.

It can be sweet and simple…

…or over the top gorgeous!

You do not have to confine your LED string light use to weddings. They come in all shapes and sizes, so they are appropriate for any type of party tent lighting. Here are some samples:

Nice, right? Here are other tent lighting ideas that are just as awesome.

2. Bottled Lighting

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They say a picture paints a thousand words. Check out this cool idea:

Can you picture your tent with these bad boys hanging all around? This is a great way to justify keeping all those old wine bottles and jars you keep around because they look cool, but you really don’t have any use for.

It’s like having lightning bugs in a bottle minus the cruelty... However, you should only use LED lights for these as they do not generate a lot of heat. You don’t want the bottles exploding in the middle of the party, do you?

You can also use glow-in-the-dark paint spatters, which would look best as a way to light the path to the party tent, like this one:​

3. Globe String Lights

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You know those balls that you string around your house or on trees? They work just as well to fill your tent with lights. You can buy them or make them, it depends on how much time and inclination you have. These are some samples of what they can look like:

Globe lights can also double as decorations when it isn’t dark enough to see the lights, such as this one:

4. Tent Washes

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For a dramatic effect, indirect lighting is always a good choice. Lights for tents can come from the sides going upward as well as overhead, and this can really work for corporate and press events where it is important to make a lasting impression.

Check out the tree branch motif at the back!

5. Candle Light

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The Kingpin declares that there is nothing like candlelight to make outdoor tent lighting as glamorous as possible. Check this out:

You can augment the candlelight with tent wash lights on the sides and candelabras in the middle, but you can do pure candle light if you want. Just use more! Look below for more ideas on how to use candles for tent lighting.

6. Lanterns

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It may be tempting to use actual gas lamps for a note of authenticity wedding tent lights, but it may not be the most practical idea for a tented party. For one thing, it can get really hot in its immediate vicinity. For another thing, it could run out of gas before the party is over. Lastly, it is expensive to buy what you need and probably hard to find, especially to rent. However, you can still have the lantern effect by using LED lanterns.

This would look awesome at night. The candles are actually LED bulbs. Notice the indirect tree silhouette lighting on the sides? Party tent lights can be a combination of different types of tent lights. LED lanterns are now also commonly used to provide a camping tent light source.

Check out these other examples:

7. Cotton Candy LED Sticks

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Okay, it may not be the most practical idea, but it is a great conversation starter. You can use a glow stick instead of the usual paper stick for cotton candy. You can place it as an edible table centerpiece! You can also use a battery-powered LED light want; it will last longer.

8. Sparkle Balls

They even sound festive, don’t they? Tents with lights are made more unique when you have a little bit of social consciousness. Sparkle balls are made of disposable cups (clear or opaque) glued together and inserted with LED fairy lights to make a sparkling ball (hence “sparkle balls”). You have to make these yourself; they are not commercially available. If you have the time, certainly consider this for your event tent lighting.

Go to this site for the tutorial:


9. Tiki Torches

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Being outdoors, tiki torches are the cat’s meow. They are cheap and easy to install. A canopy with lights would be suitable for a barbeque or some other informal gathering. Tiki torches can be all that you will need by way of lighting.


Most of these awesome party tent lighting ideas to pretty up tour next outdoor evening event are used on their own or in combination.

You can also choose to make, buy, or rent your lighting depending on your budget and availability. The point is, the Kingpin has given you a ton of ideas. All you have to do right now is choose. So get going!​

Cool Lighting Infographics​

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5 Bright Ideas for Party Tent Lighting

  1. Hang string lights from the tent poles to create a festive atmosphere.
  2. Use battery-powered LED lights to add a subtle glow to the tent.
  3. Place lanterns around the perimeter of the tent for a warm, inviting look.
  4. Hang paper lanterns from the ceiling of the tent for an elegant touch.
  5. Set up spotlights around the tent to highlight certain areas or decorations.

ALSO: Consider using colored lighting to create a unique ambiance!

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