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Are you tired of replacing your outdoor canopy each year because it has worn out? Do you desire a canopy that can survive the weather and endure for a long time? A replacement canopy is the ideal choice for you if so. It will shield you from the sun, wind, and rain, and it will be strong enough to last for many years. Additionally, you can select the ideal canopy to suit your demands thanks to its simple installation method and variety of accessible types and colors. Don't put off enjoying your outside space any longer; read on to find out more about how a shelter might benefit you.


Replacement canopies are an effective way to extend the life of outdoor furniture.

  • Canopies provide protection from the elements, such as sun, rain, and wind.
  • They come in a variety of sizes and colors to match any outdoor décor.
  • These replacements are generally pretty easy to install and maintain.

Substitute canopies are an affordable way to keep your outdoor furniture looking great for years to come!

Outdoor canopy tents are super useful, but like all good things they come to an end. However, what usually gives first is the canopy itself. It can grow old, rip, fade, get moldy, or simply come apart from regular exposure to the elements.

Usually, the frame remains intact and may be good for several more years, so it doesn't make the most sense to throw it all out and be done with it. The icecaps are melting as it is, the last thing our world needs is another wasteful sonofagun disposing of a perfectly fixable product!

With this in mind, the Kingpin declares: go find a replacement canopy! Take matters into your own hands and repair that badboy. Extend the lifespan on your investment for a few more years of partying in the shade! Fortunately for you, the Kingpin just wrote this awesome article to make sure you know exactly what to get.

Here are 15 of the best replacement canopy deals online. Use them to breathe some life back into those favorite canopy products of yours that have seen better days. And away we go!

IN A RUSH? Here are Our Favorite Picks:

[amazon table=”4147″]

REMEMBER: The following items on this list are just replacement canopies. They are not full canopy tents, so no ribs, poles, etc. Nothing but canopy!

When you do buy yourself one, Make sure you attach that sucker properly. Take your time and follow the instructions as these will certainly differ between products. You don't want to ruin a perfectly good replacement canopy now, do you?

Replacement Umbrella Canopy Options

1. Apontus Umbrella Replacement Canopy 8 Ribs 9 ft, Tan (Canopy Only)

[amazon fields=”B00O5HAKSQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

This is [amazon link="B00O5HAKSQ" title="an umbrella canopy replacement" /] for a 9-ft wide umbrella canopy, 52” from center to edge. It is designed for wooden, aluminum, and steel frames with . It 8 ribs. The canopy material is 180g polyester and comes with an air vent. It has anti-fade and UV protective properties. It is a great deal and it has free shipping anywhere in the US.

[amazon fields=”B00O5HAKSQ” value=”button” ]

2. Replacement Umbrella Canopy for 9ft 8 Ribs Red (CANOPY ONLY) by Formosa Covers

[amazon fields=”B003WZBQN0″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

This could have been a good deal but for the shipping fee. However, it is made of 300 denier polyester so it is tough and lightweight, well worth the price (plus shipping of course). It is designed for a 9-ft canopy with 8 ribs. A [amazon link="B003WZBQN0" title="great patio umbrella replacement canopy" /].

[amazon fields=”B003WZBQN0″ value=”button” ]

3. 10FT 8 Ribs Umbrella Cover Canopy Tan Replacement Top Patio Market Outdoor Beach

[amazon fields=”B00A2AXIMA” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

This [amazon link="B00A2AXIMA" title="canopy replacement" /] is for a 10-ft wide market umbrella with 8 ribs (59” fromm center to tip). It works with wood, steel, and aluminum frames with air vent. It is made of 180g polyester with anti-fade and UV protection features. Free shipping anywhere in the US...

[amazon fields=”B00A2AXIMA” value=”button” ]

Gazebo Replacement Canopy Options

4. 10' x 10' Gazebo Patio Canopy Replacement Top 2 Tier UV30+ 200g/sqm Cover With Scalloped Valance by Yescom

[amazon fields=”B00P288H82″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

This is [amazon link="B00P288H82" title="a replacement canopy top" /] for a 10’ x 10’ dual-tier gazebo frame. It has UV protection of more than 30 SPF and polyacrylate (PA) coating for a crisp finish. It has 16 grommets for proper drainage and a ventilated top with mosquito netting for bug-free relaxation. A tad windy? No problem! It has 24 Velcro straps to secure it to the frame. Use it all year round! Not bad at all.

[amazon fields=”B00P288H82″ value=”button” ]

5. New MTN Gearsmith 10'x10' Two Tier Replacement Garden Gazebo Canopy Top with Scallop Edge Sun Shade

[amazon fields=”B00D8X22VQ” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

The polymer coating of this [amazon link="B00D8X22VQ" title="two-tier replacement canopy" /] will protect you from harmful UV rays, plus it makes the material much more durable. It is designed to fit most 10’ x 10’ square double tier gazebos, not hexagonal ones. The grommets are made of brass to inhibit rust and drain water efficiently. It is a nice deal plus shipping.

[amazon fields=”B00D8X22VQ” value=”button” ]

6. 10'x10' Replacement Gazebo Canopy Top Cover Outdoor Green Beige Ivory Garden Patio (Beige) by Cielo

[amazon fields=”B00CEVJGF8″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

Here’s another [amazon link="B00CEVJGF8" title="replacement canopy for 10’ x 10’ square gazebos" /] that has a polymer coating to protect against UV exposure. No water logging with this one as well, and Velcro straps make it easy to attach firmly. A bit on the pricey side with shipping, but not too shabby.

[amazon fields=”B00CEVJGF8″ value=”button” ]

Swing Canopy Replacement Options

7. 77"x43" Green Swing Canopy Replacement Porch Top Cover Park Seat Furniture Patio by Cielo

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”450″ identifier=”B00A04C824″ locale=”US” nw=”y” src=”″ tag=”canopykingpin00-20″ width=”450″]

[amazon link="B00A04C824" title="Replacement canopy" /] covers for swing sets come in weird sizes. This one is 77” long and 43”wide, which is standard for porch swings. It is made of high quality 180g polyester fabric that provides shade and UV protection. It is stain- and water-resistant with reinforced corner pockets for added support. Get this stylish swing canopy cover but you have to add for shipping.

[amazon fields=”B00A04C824″ value=”button” ]

8. Brand New Replacement Swing Set Canopy Cover Top 77"X43" by MTN Gearsmith

[amazon fields=”B004YTLZOI” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

This [amazon link="B004YTLZOI" title="swing canopy replacement" /] has similar features to the first one, except that it is mildew and fade resistant. It is also slightly more affordable plus shipping.

[amazon fields=”B004YTLZOI” value=”button” ]

9. New Deluxe Outdoor Swing Canopy Replacement Porch Top Cover Seat Patio Brown (77"x43")

[amazon fields=”B00DTSD50W” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

This is even more affordable plus shipping and to all intents and purposes the same as the first two [amazon link="B00DTSD50W" title="replacement canopy covers" /]. Choose from green (#7), ivory (#8), and brown.

[amazon fields=”B00DTSD50W” value=”button” ]

NOTE: By the way (and this is for if you're the "swinging" type) don't forget to check out the Kingpin's own choice selection of great canopy swings for your home... It's absolutely bananas.

EZ Up Replacement Canopy Products

10. Ez Pop Up Canopy Replacement Top For 10 X 10 Caravan Tent 100% waterproof

[amazon fields=”B00EVH94L4″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

This [amazon link="B00EVH94L4" title="10x10 canopy replacement" /] is specific to the Ez Up pop up tents, although it can fit Caravan, KD canopy, Norstar, and most 10’ x 10’ canopy frames. It is made of fire retardant (CPAI-84 and ULC-S-109 fire code compliant) 500 denier polyester that keeps water and UV rays out. It has a two year limited warranty. If you need a First Up replacement canopy, you are out of luck, but you could try this one on for size. Be ready to shell out though.

[amazon fields=”B00EVH94L4″ value=”button” ]

11. Champion Replacement top for Ez Up 10 x 10 White

[amazon fields=”B002TAKFCC” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

This one claims that it is better than the original canopy that came with your Ez Up, and has a full one-year guarantee to back it up. The seller claims that it vcomes from the same manufacturer of EZ Up tents, but with better materials. It is made of premium heavy duty 300-denier polyester, and vinyl coating on the underside. This ensures full protection from UV rays and rain. This fits Ambassador, Caravan, Eclipse II, Enterprise II, and Express II pop up tent models. [amazon link="B002TAKFCC" title="This is a bit on the expensive side plus shipping" /].

[amazon fields=”B002TAKFCC” value=”button” ]

12. 10x10 EZ Pop Up Canopy Commercial Tent Replacement Canopy Top Cover (White) by Eurmax

[amazon fields=”B00FZH7ARY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

This [amazon link="B00FZH7ARY" title="10’ x 10’ replacement canopy" /] is only for EZ Up pop up tents with straight legs. It will not fit models with slanted poles. This is made of extra thick (600-denier) polyester and has CPAI-84 fire certification, UV protections, and UPF50+ rating. It is also water resistant. If it was a a facial cream, it would be flying off the shelves! Sidewalls are easy to fix to the frames with Velcro straps and has metal D rings at the corners instead of plastic for guy ropes. It goes for a little rich, but at least it comes with free shipping.

[amazon fields=”B00FZH7ARY” value=”button” ]

Pergola Replacement Canopy Products

13. Universal Replacement Canopy for Pergola Structures by Garden Winds

[amazon fields=”B00IDCLMYK” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

[amazon link="B00IDCLMYK" title="Universal is always a good choice" /], but a pergola is not so easy to find a one-size-fits all. This one is actually universal in the sense that it will work for metal or wood pergolas, but it has to be 205” long and 81” wide. Each shade comes with tubular pockets on each end for inserting weight rods. Drape as you will! The material is heavy duty (350-denier) fire retardant (CPAI-84 certified) polyester. It is a considerable investment, but it may be worth it. The shipping fee is another story.

[amazon fields=”B00IDCLMYK” value=”button” ]

14. Replacement Canopy for Garden Treasures 10' x 10' Pergola Gazebo by Garden Winds

[amazon fields=”B00R6LOOTO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

You could also consider this [amazon link="B00R6LOOTO" title="replacement canopy" /] from the same manufacturer. It is only for a 10’ by 10’ fancy schmancy pergola gazebo called Garden Treasures. If you have one that you got from Lowes in your backyard, congratulations. You can now have a replacement canopy plus shipping. You can refer to these model numbers to avoid any confusion: GF-9A037X or GF-12S039B.

[amazon fields=”B00R6LOOTO” value=”button” ]

15. 10 x 12 Pergola Replacement Canopy by Garden Winds

[amazon fields=”B00GIXCONY” value=”thumb” image_size=”large” image_class=”aligncenter”]

For those of you that got [amazon link="B00GIXCONY" title="a 10’ x 12’ pergola from Menards" /], then this is the replacement canopy for you. It will set you back a bit but at least you have a nice little shady area again. It protects you from UV rays and rain. Beautiful.

[amazon fields=”B00GIXCONY” value=”button” ]


There you have it, 15 of the best replacement canopy deals available online. All you have to do is take your pick! Just make sure the replacement you get fits your desired product well. You can also click through to check out the product reviews to get a better idea of what you're getting into, but in most situations installing one of these bad boys will be a breeze... a little elbow grease never hurt anybody, right?

Unfortunately, the implication of all of this is that you now have absolutely no reason to keep whining about your useless, coverless and naked canopy tent. Get yourself a great canopy replacement product today and get crackin’!

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5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Substitute Canopy

  1. Measure your existing canopy frame to ensure you purchase the correct size.
  2. Choose a canopy material that is durable and weather-resistant.
  3. Look for a canopy with UV protection to keep you and your family safe from the sun's rays.
  4. Check the warranty of the shelter before making your purchase.
  5. Consider purchasing a awning with additional features such as mosquito netting or privacy curtains.

ALSO: Consider purchasing a awning with an adjustable height feature, so you can adjust it to fit your needs!

More Information For Readers

They are a fantastic method to protect yourself from the weather while also updating the appearance of your outdoor area. You may choose one that exactly suits your needs because they are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. Canopies are long-lasting and resistant to fading and mildew since they are composed of sturdy materials like polyester or vinyl. They also offer superior UV defense for the furniture and other products placed below them. Considerations for replacement canopies include size, form, color, kind of material, and price range. You can use your outside area for years to come if you install the appropriate cover.

Usage And Application: How Can They Be Used?

First, they can be used to replace a canopy on an existing structure that has been damaged or worn out. This is a fantastic approach to prolong the usefulness of your outside area without having to make a fresh investment in it. Second, while you're camping or at the beach, you may use them as a quick and simple way to give shade and weather protection. They are also ideal for adding an additional layer of seclusion to your yard or house. If you live somewhere with a lot of foot traffic or inquisitive neighbors, this is very helpful. These dependable products are an excellent tool for anybody trying to make the most of their outdoor environments due to their adaptability and simplicity.

The Cons: What To Expect

Despite the various benefits of these shade products, there are a few drawbacks to consider. First, they may be costly and challenging to install. Your canopy may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on its size and style. Furthermore, installation calls for specific equipment and expertise that may not be accessible to everyone. This implies that you could need to employ a professional installation, which will result in additional charges, if you don't have the relevant skillsets or access to the required tools. Fortunately, there are several effective solutions to these limitations. For instance, if you're searching for a cheap solution, think about buying a ready-made canopy kit from your neighborhood hardware shop or internet merchant. These kits include all the parts and instructions needed for simple home assembly without the need for specialized equipment or knowledge. Additionally, if installation costs are still an issue for you, consider employing a handyman who specializes in outside tasks since they sometimes charge less than expert installers.

What Factors Should Be Used To Evaluate Them?

Durability, size, material, and pricing are the most crucial quantitative factors to take into account while assessing these items. The canopy's resistance to weathering and wear and tear over time is taken into consideration when determining durability. By contrasting the canopy's measurements with those of rival products, size may be determined. The strength and weatherproofness of the material are evaluated. Finally, cost is calculated by contrasting the canopy's price with that of comparable items available on the market. When evaluating a replacement canopy, all of these elements should be taken into consideration to evaluate whether it is the best choice for your requirements.

Using It First Hand: What To Expect

These dependable items are a fantastic method to alter the appearance of your outdoor area without having to spend money on a whole new cover. You may choose one that exactly suits your needs because they are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. It's crucial to think about the material they're composed of as well as their UV protection rating while buying for these shade products. Fabrics made of canvas or polyester are often the most resilient and provide effective UV protection. In order for a replacement canopy frame to fit properly, be sure to measure your old canopy frame first. Your new canopy should survive for many years if you take good care of it.

The general procedures for setting up a replacement canopy are as follows: Make sure you have all the components and equipment needed to build your canopy before you start. After that, arrange the frame's component parts and assemble them in accordance with the directions. Third, use clips or other fasteners to connect the cloth cover to the frame. Secure any extra features, such as side walls or windows, in the fourth step. Fifth, make the cloth taut and secure by adjusting the tension. Enjoy your new canopy once again! You can set up a replacement canopy for any outdoor location by following these easy instructions.

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