Outdoor Events That Need A Party Tent


Finding the ideal party tent is one of the most challenging aspects of planning an outdoor event. Misconceptions abound regarding the kind of tent needed, the amount of space needed, and the setup procedures. Do you know whether a canopy or a pole tent is required? How much room will your visitors need? What kind of configuration is required for the tent? For your outdoor event to go properly, having the answers to these questions is crucial. With the necessary knowledge, you can make sure that your party tent is installed and sized correctly so that your guests may spend their time outdoors in security and comfort. Continue reading to find out more about picking the ideal party tent for your outdoor gathering!


Outdoor events can be made more enjoyable and comfortable with the use of a party tent.

  • Party tents provide shelter from the elements, such as rain or sun.
  • They can also be used to create a designated space for an event.
  • Party tents come in various sizes and styles to fit any outdoor event.

A party tent is an essential addition to any outdoor event, providing comfort and convenience for all attendees!

The Kingpin is here to tell you that your brand new party tent is just rife with possibilities. Party tents come in all size, shapes and configurations. However, what you can do with it will mainly depend on how many people you can fit into it comfortably.

Renting a venue for these types of events such as hotel ballrooms or trade halls can be expensive. A party tent can be set up anywhere that is reasonably spacious and level, and it is far less expensive. This is why it was worth it to get your own party tent, and why people would be willing to pay to rent one.

The following ideas can be for your personal use, or you can start a small business and be an event planner. You can rent out your party tent for any of these outdoor events. Of course, if you decide to rent it out you need to be ready with your crew and transport. However, that is a subject for a whole different article. At any rate, here are some ideas you might want to bounce around.


1. Outdoor Weddings

Tents have become very popular for outdoor weddings because they are easy to decorate. It can be fun, breezy for a fair style wedding or the epitome of formal with chandeliers, and champagne. It all depends on what the couple wants.

Tented wedding events require a caterer and the rental of chairs and tables. Outside of those, the set up and decorations for the tent itself is doable with a little ingenuity and planning. The beauty of a party tent is its versatility. It is a blank canvas which you can transform into anything you want.

2. Trade Shows and Exhibits

Depending on the size of your party tent, you could set up a display booth for your exhibit, or be the trade exhibit venue. It is most likely that yours would be on the level of a display booth. The whole point of a trade show and exhibits is public awareness. A party tent is a great option for a roving trade exhibit because you can set it up anywhere.

3. Bake Sales and Cooking Demonstrations

Community events are best experienced outdoors when the weather permits. It can be held at the local high school, or the church lawn, or the company parking lot. What can be more in the community spirit than bake sales? Yummy!

4. Outdoor Auctions

If you have ever watched the television show “Lords of War”, you will notice that the auction takes place in a tent. That’s because they move from place to place, inviting people to bring in stuff they want to sell before the auction and then turns around and sells them to collectors. You don’t have to be a part of that show to do something similar, or maybe a White Elephant sale may be a better description!


5. Corporate Events

Corporate events do not have to happen in stodgy surroundings. A party tent serves well for golf tournaments, company picnics, corporate parties, or press junkets. It is, as the Kingpin says, versatile.

6. Family Reunions

Family reunions are usually huge events with people of all ages in one place. A party tent in your backyard is a good way to keep things more manageable and informal. You can decide to have it catered, or set up a big barbeque where everyone can take a turn at the grill. It is easy to set up a lot of chairs and tables and disposables are perfectly acceptable in this al fresco setting. This will make clean up a breeze!

7. Political Rallies or Jamborees

Jamborees are all about the outdoors; political rallies not so much. However, any gathering of a lot of people with do well in an outdoor setting when the weather cooperates. Political rallies also tend to be more sociable and friendlier under a party tent than a more formal venue, and it is easy to set up so impromptu rallies are very doable, especially if the budget is tight.


Party tents have found a place in all of our hearts and have given us plenty of shelter in almost every situation the Kingpin can think of. If you can think of some of your own favorite situations that would totally suck without a great event tent please let the Kingpin know in the comments below. Otherwise, feel free to grab yourself a brand new party tent for that next jamboree.


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5 Tips for Throwing a Successful Outdoor Event with a Party Tent

  1. Choose the right size tent for your event. Make sure to measure the area you plan to use and factor in any additional space needed for seating, tables, or other items.
  2. Secure the tent properly. Use stakes or weights to ensure that your tent is secure and won't blow away in windy conditions.
  3. Light up the night. String lights around the perimeter of your tent to create a festive atmosphere.
  4. Keep it cool. If you're hosting an outdoor event during hot weather, make sure to provide fans or air conditioning units inside the tent.
  5. Be prepared for rain. Have tarps on hand in case of rain so that you can quickly cover up any furniture or equipment that may be affected by wet weather.

ALSO: Consider renting a generator if you need power for music, lighting, or other activities!

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