Tailgate Shade, AWNING Attachment Shades For Trunk

Grab a pickup tailgate shade that attaches to your pickup or trunk in our tailgate tent attachment list.

Are you an outdoorsy person?

Do you love going camping, spending the day at the beach, or enjoying a tailgating experience with your whole family?

Would you like to find out about some great pop up tailgate tents that could help you make the most of your time?

In this article, we’ll walk you through product reviews for five of the best tailgating pop up tents on the market. You’ll be able to compare them all and see which one will work best for your vehicle as well as for your specific tailgating or outdoor needs.

But just what is a tailgating tent, anyway? In short, this is the type of tent canopy that can be unfolded in just a few minutes and attached to the back of your vehicle to create an impromptu shaded place to sit. They all work slightly differently, but for the most part, they function in the same way by anchoring to the back of your vehicle and to the ground for maximum support.

To help you find the best tailgating tent for your family’s needs, read on!

Tailgate Shade #1. KingCamp Compass Awning Sun Shelter

KingCamp Awning Sun Shelter SUV Tent Auto Canopy Portable Camper Trailer Tent Roof Top Car Shelter for Beach, SUV, MPV, Hatchback, Minivan, Sedan, Camping, Outdoor

Shade yourself and your whole family with the KingCamp Compass Awning Sun Shelter. This tent can be roped to your vehicle in a few minutes and secured in place with the included poles that may be staked into the ground or weighted, depending on where you’re planning to use it.



  • The tent is made of a very high-quality material despite being so affordable.
  • The tent only weighs a few pounds when it’s folded down, making it easy to transport.
  • The poles are quite flimsy and may blow over easily in the wind.
  • You may need help getting this tent put in place.

Tailgate Shade #2. XCAR Instant Portable SUV Tailgate Tent

No products found.

The No products found. is a waterproof and tear-resistant tent that attaches to your vehicle and provides lots of airflow due to the built-in air vents on top of the tent. Use it any time you want a breezy, shaded, comfortable outdoor experience.



  • This tent’s fabric is very durable and rarely arrives damaged.
  • It only takes a few minutes to set up this tent.
  • This tent only attaches to your car via suction cap and may fall off or be blown off very easily.
  • The included poles may be too flimsy for strong winds as well.
No products found.

Tailgate Shade #3. Hasika Awning Camper Trailer Roof Top Family Tent

Versatility Teardrop Awning for SUV RVing, Car Camping, Trailer and Overlanding Light Weight Truck Canopy Durable Tear Resistant Tarp with 2 Sandbag

The sturdy and durable Hasika Awning Camper Trailer Roof Top Family Tent is an adjustable-height tent that’s easy to set up by attaching it with ropes to your vehicle. It comes with steel poles that hold up to a lot of weather exposure and are light enough for almost anyone to set up without help.



  • This tent holds up well to the weather, even in storms and rain.
  • It only takes a few minutes to set up this tent alone.
  • Some products may arrive damaged due to transit.
  • The poles may break easily if the tent is not set up correctly.

Tailgate Shade #4. Leader Accessories Easy Set Up Tailgate Tent

Leader Accessories Easy Set Up Camping SUV Tent/Awning/Canopy/Sun Shelter Tailgate Tent Beach Tent Waterproof Suitable for SUV Mini Van Campers RVs

Pick up the Leader Accessories Easy Set Up Tailgate Tent to provide yourself and your whole family a fast and easy shade for any time the mood may strike. This waterproof tent is designed to hold up to a lot of wear and tear from the elements, and it sets up fast without any help from another adult required. The tent attaches to your car or truck by hooking onto wheels or through the front doors, depending on which end of the car you want to set it up on.



  • There’s plenty of room under this tent for a few adults or an adult and some kids.
  • This tent protects from the sun very well.
  • The ropes for attaching the tent to your wheels may be tough to deal with the first time without assistance, although they should get easier with time and practice.
  • The tent doesn’t have an easy-on magnetic strip like some of the others listed here.

Tailgate Shade #5. Tail Gator Sunshade Portable Shade

Eurow Tail Gator Portable Sunshade Canopy Tent for Outdoor Protection and Shade, Blue

Enjoy the epitome of beach relaxation with the Tail Gator Sunshade Portable Shade. This easy-to-use canopy features a magnetic strip that helps you attach it to the care quickly as well as a fiberglass frame that’s lightweight enough for one adult to set up without assistance. You can use this shade on the side, front, or back of your vehicle as needed, which makes it great for use with a variety of different vehicles instead of just SUVs, too.



  • The shade comes with weights for the legs for times when you want to use it in a place where you can’t stake it down.
  • This lightweight tent is small enough to keep in your vehicle at all times if you choose to.
  • This sunshade is not durable enough to stand up to a lot of use in high winds, so you’ll need to take it down if a storm comes up.
  • The tent doesn’t hold up to a lot of rain very well.

Try A Tailgate Shade Awning Tent Today

Were you able to find a great tent to suit your needs? As you can see, there are a lot of options out there, and you may be concerned that they might not all work well with your type of vehicle. For the most part, these are fairly universal tents, but you should pay close attention to the product descriptions just to be sure you aren’t getting something you can’t use with your car.

pop up tents

With that said, you should be aware that these tents are generally designed for use with SUVs or similar vehicles. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them with other types, and pickup trucks are another popular alternative for using a tailgating pop up tent. If you use your tent with a pickup truck, however, you may not have as much shaded space available, and depending on the type of tent you use, you might need to DIY the attachments to make it work with something other than an SUV.

You may also be able to use your tent with a hatchback car, but again, this is going to change the way the tent works. Using it with a hatchback will provide a lower “roof” for your tent than an SUV would, and some cars don’t provide the right dimensions to work well with a tent like this. However, if you’re willing to a little modification, you can figure out a great way to use a product like this one with just about any vehicle you might have. Choose your favorite tent and get ready for a fun and relaxing day in the sun!

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