Tent Decorating Ideas For Weddings


Wedding planning includes tent decoration because it can influence the mood of the entire event. Many engaged couples are under the impression that balloons and streamers are acceptable decorations for a tent wedding. Furthermore, there is frequently confusion regarding the ideal ways to make use of lighting and cloth to create a lovely atmosphere. In order to give visitors an experience they won't soon forget, knowing how to arrange a tent for a wedding is crucial. Any tent may be turned into a gorgeous location that will enhance the memory of your special day with the appropriate combination of decorations. Continue reading to find out more about some original and imaginative wedding tent design ideas!


Tent decorating can be a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your wedding.

  • Choose a color palette that reflects the season and theme of your wedding.
  • Incorporate natural elements like flowers, branches, and greenery for an organic look.
  • Hang string lights or lanterns to create a romantic atmosphere.

With these tent decorating ideas, you can make your wedding day even more special!

After courting for some time, prince charming finally proposed. The wedding is set to take place in a few months. Guess what! He would love an outdoor tented event.

With zero idea on outdoor tent decoration tips, the best you can do is cry and worry if the event will turn out OK. How do you make your guests turn green with envy on the big day? Well, the Kingpin has got you covered with practical and beautiful wedding reception tent decoration ideas. Here is a super informative article on how decorate that wedding tent.

A wedding tent comes in handy to those wish to throw a big outdoor ceremony or event. It does not matter if the ceremony will take place in your backyard or a private park. You want to have enough space where the guests can mingle and eat. Also, it protects the guests from extreme weather elements such as the scorching sun or the unprecedented rain.

With the right tent, you will be able to achieve the wedding ceremony/reception of your dreams. However, there are a few things that need to be considered before getting that wedding tent:

  • Will you purchase or rent/hire?- The decision to buy or hire a tent will depend on several factors such as the budget and future use. However, most people prefer to hire as it will be used for that specific event and is a cheaper option.
  • What size and quantity will fit?- Consider factors such as the number of guests. Will you need one big tent or several medium sized tents? The venue of the event will determine the size and number of tents needed.
  • What colors are you comfortable with?- Most tents are white in color. As a matter of fact, it’s easy to blend white with other colors. The good news is that tents are not limited to the white color only. The color of the tent will be determined by the theme of the wedding. It’s not unusual to see black or striped white and blue tents.

The majority of the people will rent the tents as it’s a cheaper option. The renting price varies depending on the size and the maximum number of people it can accommodate. Buying the tents for a single occasion may not be a viable option.

Benefits of hiring/renting wedding tents

  • The tent will be designed to suit the event. It gives one the free reign to choose the theme, color scheme, layout, and lighting. There are no restrictions compared to the traditional venues.
  • Everything rolled in one: Event planning is a stressful affair. There are a lot of aspects related to planning such as entertainment, lighting, chair hire and décor among others. The benefit of hiring a tent is that some companies will offer the extras besides the tent. Alternatively, they can recommend genuine and reputable service providers that they often work with.
  • Minimal labor: It’s the duty of the host to ensure that everything is in place. By hiring tent rental services, it’s the duty of the experienced installers to erect and dismount the structure. Worrying about physical labor becomes a thing of the past.
  • It’s cheaper than buying the tents. After all, the tents will be used for a single day event.

Basic tent types

For those who choose to have an outdoor and tented event, what tent type would you choose? Is there any particular reason for choosing that particular type?

There are a plethora of tents to choose from. The Kingpin has listed the most popular tents and where they are best used.

1. Pole tent

As the name suggests, this kind of tent is supported by guy wires and poles. It has big showy top bearing one or more peaks. They are beautiful and elegant thereby creating a sophisticated look.

best outdoor wedding tent decor

One major limitation of the pole tents is that they cannot be used on hard surfaces and concrete surfaces as they must be staked to the ground. It makes less versatile compared to other tent types.

2. Frame tent

tent decoration ideas for weddings

Unlike the pole tent, the frame tent uses the metal frame for support. The tent is free standing making it ideal for use on most solid surfaces. It’s as beautiful and sophisticated as the pole tent, but it’s very versatile.

The metal pipes inside the tent are exposed and can be left in that state. They can be used to hang decorations and lights. Alternatively, they can be hidden by layers of draped fabrics.

3. Marquee tent

It’s a cross between the frame and pole tent. It has the convenience of the frame tent (free standing metal tent) and the aesthetic value of the peaked roof of the pole tent. You get the best of both worlds.

wedding tent ideas for decorations

4. Sailcloth tent

decorating tents for wedding receptions

The sailcloth tent is becoming a popular choice. It’s a variation of the pole tent that uses the sailcloth material and has wooden poles to support its weight. The pole tent is made from vinyl.

The sailcloth is a translucent material that adds a beautiful glow to the tent’s interior. Also; it has a soaring ceiling and curved lines that make an ideal choice for any occasion. However, it requires extensive staking, and it’s not ideal for all surfaces.

5. Clear tent

Those who love watching stars will fall in love with the clear tent. Dining and dancing under the stars are a bonus while gaining protection from extreme weather element. It’s an ideal option for people who do not want a tent, yet it’s too practical to lack one.

wedding reception tent decoration ideas

6. Tropical style or beach tent

how to decorate a tent for a wedding reception

This kind of tent varies in style. It consists of a light and translucent fabric that is draped on the bamboo/wooden frame. The tent offers an aesthetic appeal. However, it offers little or no protection from extreme weather elements. It’s ideal for beach events.

7. Carnival/circus tent

It’s a pole tent that is dressed up in white and red striped fabric. They are ideal where large numbers of people are expected.

how to hang paper lanterns in a tent

8. Moroccan and Indian Themed tents

wedding decorations tents and drapes

It’s usually a pole or marquee tent style. It’s adorned with beautiful fabrics and trims instead of the usual white vinyl. This kind of tent is available for hire on selected rental companies. Lighting, décor, and additional draping may be needed to complete the look.

9. Teepee tent

It was styled and named after the native America teepee and Nordic Sami. The tent offers a unique shape, interesting look, and a cozy environment. They come in various configurations and sizes making them ideal for small and large weddings. Also, they have a beautiful aesthetic, just like the sailcloth and pole tent, at an additional cost for the supporting poles.

how to drape a tent for a wedding

10. Yurt

how to drape a wedding tent

The yurt was used as a portable dwelling in the past. However, it has recently gained popularity in England and Canada as a wedding and events tent. It’s made of lattice walls, a wood ribbed roof and crown and is covered in fabric. Thanks to their small size, they are not ideal for large weddings. They are perfect for cozy and intimate affairs.

Wedding tent set up ideas

Weddings are a big deal. They only happen once. It calls for perfection, no compromises. Surprises are bound to sneak up when planning tented weddings or reception. Here are few tips to avoid being thrown into the loop.

  • What is the sound ordinance of the town?

For instance, if one having a wedding on their property, ensure you alert the neighbors. While at it, bake some cookies and deliver to the neighbors as you inform them of the impending event. A little kindness will stop them from calling the cops on you.

  • Have a contingency plan in case the weather changes

The day may start bright and shiny only to turn rainy and cloudy later in the day. It may be a simple plan as having umbrellas or having an indoor backup location. Make the weather channel a friend way before and during the wedding day.

  • Do not forget the small details

Leaving out small details may be disastrous. Ensure the space being used for the event has enough space to handle the guests. It should have enough restroom to handle the guest count. Before the event, find out if they have an alternative power source in case the power goes off. Let’s not forget the parking space.

Ensure the area is well leveled. No tents should be placed on the septic systems. Turn off the sprinklers on the big day.

  • Avoid going solo

The wise man once said no man is an island. Planning a wedding is no easy task. The importance of having a support team cannot be underestimated. Get a support team that has done the work before as they will offer valuable advice.

Tented decorating wedding ideas

What outdoor tent decorating ideas do you have that will raise the roof at your wedding reception? We all dream of having a wonderful wedding. Think of your wedding as a blank canvas waiting to be filled as per your desires. It may be lights, chandeliers or flowers.

how to drape a tent

A tented wedding requires a lot of planning. One simple mistake and the entire event will be under criticism days and years after the wedding. People will forget the beautiful bride, her expensive gown, and the tasty, scrumptious cake and focus on that ‘ugly tent.' However, all hope is not lost.

Those who have attended ballroom weddings will testify that all rooms bear some resemblance. As a matter of fact, all brides secretly hope that their weddings will be a unique and different from the ones they have been to before.

Here are some of the best outdoor wedding tent décor ideas:

  • Illumination: Grouping growing lanterns around the poles of the tent is a credible idea. It’s ideal for a ranch kind of setting. Candles can also be used.
  • Creating a romance mood: A romantic mood can be created by adding a black chandelier fixture to the tent will create a contrast to romantic and soft up lighting. Also, adding canopy fabrics that are draped at different heights and eye-catching lights creating beautiful and mismatched shapes
  • The suspended décor featuring circular beads and floral garlands creates an exquisite look. It works well with all types of tents.
  • What can you do with a colorful dance floor, chairs, and canopy? Rustic brides will fall in love with this idea: Simple candles, tea lights, and pillars, combines with greenery complete the look. A few decorations can be added to the seats too.
  • Hang flowers on the ceiling. Make them appear like they magically sprang out of the ceiling. However, it should not hang too low thereby creating a lovely effect. Also, low hanging flowers may impede the movement of people, particularly the tall individuals.
how to decorate a wedding tent on a budget
how to decorate a tent
  • Spruce the centerpiece of the tent with candles that are arranged at different heights. Adding tiny bows to the chairs offer a sweet touch and complete look.
  • Seaside Events: Use sea foam pillows and table clothes to create the perfect oceanic view.
  • Create a fairy-tale look by draping the support poles with tulle or chiffon. The color of the drapes should create a contrasting or bright effect to the tent.
  • Get a wide and open party space beneath a flattop frame tent with no center pole
  • Get a Tuscan theme under a slatted –ceiling tent. Use grapevine and flowers to drape the grid.
  • Flowers can create an aesthetic appeal to a tent. They are ideal for dressing the tent. Colorful and nice smelling flowers such as the rose are a bonus. However, it’s important to work with flowers that are currently in season.
how to decorate a canopy tent for a wedding
how to do draping in a tent
  • Lighting: Proper lighting will make a big difference. To create interesting shadows use spotlights with colored gels and twinkle lights. Lighting has the effect of diffusing, masking and taking eyes to you want.
  • Patterns can be projected to the walls, floors, and ceilings. Lighting up corners and poles create drama improving the aesthetics of a tent.
  • Pretty pendants: Embellish the rustic reception tables with gold-dipped stemware and a dazzling floral arrangement. Adding petite chandeliers encased in a sculptural orb on the roof tent to complete the look. The choice of the pendants will depend on the inspiration of the couple.
  • Overhead arrangements: Drape the tent with a natural toned and gauzy fabric. To complete the look, add a few oversized (about three, not too many) from above. Season them with smilax vine, birch branches, and moss. However, it’s important to ensure that the overhead arrangements are not hanging at very low levels and that they are properly attached. Just imagine a whole bunch of flowers or a drape falling on your food!
  • Sailcloth decoration tips: Set up a sailcloth canopy over the patio. Add a lighting combination of bistro lights and lanterns.
  • Luminous Lanterns: Install spherical lights throughout the tent are creating a beautiful look. It’s ideal for a backyard wedding in summer.
how to decorate a tent with fabric
how to decorate a tent with tulle
  • On palette: Hover paper lanterns over a long banquet table at an outdoor wedding. Include a string of lights climbing the tents and circling the border brightens the space especially during nightfall.
  • Creating a playful touch: Make garlands of coffee filters pompom that are interspersed with twinkling light strings. It all depends on the creativity of the bridal team or the service provider.
  • Starry night: It works well with the Moroccan tents. The stars are clustered above the dance floor. The stars are tied together to form the design of the reception.
  • Flower buds: Blanket the interior of the tent with flowers. Different color and flower combinations are used to make a simple covering that provides a complete transformation. Some flowers can hang along the edge of the tent.
  • Beaded Beauties: Add beaded wood chandeliers beneath the draped fabrics provide a soft lighting from above on the clear plastic sides of the tent.
  • Mix up the gold accents and the textures to create an alluring look. It works well on an all-white tent.


Planning for an outdoor tented wedding may be a tricky and nerve-wracking affair. There are several challenges such as finding the right tent size and the right décor to match the theme of the day. In some instances, one may be forced to seek the services of a décor expert.

A bare tent can be compared to a canvas with no painting. There are several decorating tips that will completely transform the original look of the bare tent. Flowers, draping, proper lighting and chandeliers greatly improve the aesthetic value of the decorated tent. The kind of décor chosen will depend on the type of tent chosen. For instance, draping will work well with all kinds of tents. The Indian Themed tents may need a few flowers to get that complete look as they already pretty.

The surface on which the tent is placed greatly matters. It’s important to ensure that the tent is stable, and the supporting poles are firm in the bid to avoid the tent falling or causing accidents. Also, they should have the ability to withstand extremely windy conditions.

Whatever the circumstances, panicking is not an option. Work with whatever you have at hand, be it flowers, beads or lights, to create a décor that will amaze the guests. When in doubt, seek the opinion of a professional. After all, the wedding happens once, and it should perfect or something close to perfection.

Thanks to goodness and kindness of the Canopy Kingpin, the bride and groom can breathe easy, by trying out some of the decorating ideas. He has given various decorating options ranging from the flowers to chandeliers to draping. His ULTIMATE guide to tent decoration will amaze you!

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5 Creative Tent Decorating Ideas for Weddings

  1. Choose a color palette that complements the wedding theme. Consider using colors that match the bridesmaids' dresses or the flowers in the bouquets.
  2. Hang fabric from the ceiling of the tent to create a romantic atmosphere. Use sheer fabrics like tulle, organza, and chiffon to add texture and depth.
  3. Create an intimate seating area with lounge furniture. Place couches, chairs, and ottomans around a coffee table for guests to relax and mingle.
  4. Add lighting elements such as string lights or lanterns to create a warm ambiance. You can also hang paper lanterns from the ceiling for a whimsical touch.
  5. Incorporate natural elements into your decor. Use potted plants, branches, and greenery to bring life into your space.

ALSO: Hang photos of the couple throughout the tent for a personal touch!

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