Sail Cloths For Shade, Best FABRIC For Sun Shades

See the best cloth to use for sun shade sails in our sunshade sail fabric cloths list.

So you want to create this quiet, little lounging space in your backyard or patio, but you don’t want to spend money constructing some sort of gazebo or pergola.

Well then, why not use temporary shade providers like a sail cloth shade instead?

If you already have structures in your backyard that can serve as great supports, like posts and trees, then you don’t need to break the bank constructing something permanent that you may decide you don’t want after all a few months later.

Don’t know the first thing about a shade sail cloth? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In today’s article, you’ll learn all you need to know about sail cloths, from the basics of buying them, to installing them successfully.

Popular Patio Sun Shade Sail Canopy Cloths and Fabric

If you decide to go ahead with your DIY sail cloth installation, the next step is to obviously find a sail cloth to install. If you don’t know where to begin, why not go with popular sail cloths? They’re tried-and-tested, and at the very least, you’re not going into your installation completely blind.

Best Shade Sail Cloth #1. Agfabric 40% Rating- 12ftx 24ft Prefabricated Sunblock Shade Panel, Shade Tarp Panel with Gromments

Agfabric 40% Sunblock Shade Cloth with Grommets for Garden Patio 12’ X 24’, Black

The Agfabric sunblock shade promises maximum shade while providing ample air circulation. It is made from pure UV-stabilized polyethylene, making the fabric extremely durable, yet lightweight. Tearing and unraveling is kept to a minimum with its custom lock stitch construction.

The sailcloth is prefabricated with a wide taped edge spanning 3 centimeters and 1-inch grommets. Grommets are equally spread across the hems of the fabric, with 1-foot spacing between them. The fabric comes in a variety of textures and colors. According to its manufacturers, the fabric is designed mainly for agricultural and horticultural uses.

Best Shade Sail Cloth #2. SHANS 90% UV Shade Cloth Fabric Pure White 12ft by 40ft

SHANS 90% UV Shade Cloth Fabric Pure White 10ft by 40ft with Plastic Grommets Clips Free

This high grade sail cloth is made from pure high-density polyethylene, The knitted texture on the fabric gives it more strength and appeal. Because it is knitted, it can be cut into any shape you want and it won’t unravel at the seams. It not only provides up to 90 percent UV protection, it is also resistant towards degradation caused by UV rays.

For more stability, just take your sewing machine and create a makeshift seam all around. The sail cloth is water-resistant, but not waterproof.

Best Shade Sail Cloth #3. SHANS New Design 85% Heavy Black Shade Cloth 12ft x 50ft with 20 Pcs Clips Free

SHANS 85% Heavy Black Shade Cloth 12ft x 50ft with 20 Pcs Clips Free

This sail cloth is one of the most popular of SHAN’s third-generation products, which meld together aesthetics and technology. The fabric is made from 100 percent, premium high-density polyethylene. It provides up to 90 percent protection from UV rays, and is also resistant to degradation caused by UV rays.

The fabric is resistant to rot and cracking, giving it a longer lifespan and allowing it to withstand harsh weather conditions. The product’s dimensions measure 23 by 16 by 10 inches, making it perfect for patios and backyards.

Best Shade Sail Cloth #4. Shatex 8ftx30ft 90% UV Block, Outdoor Sunscreen Roll Shade Cloth

Shatex Shade Cloth Block 90% of UV Rays for Pergola/Greenhouses/Carport/Porch 8x30ft Beige

This cloth sail also features a knitted design, which is resistant to fraying. The roll of cloth can be further cut down into custom pieces without it unraveling. It provides up to 80 percent UV protection for its occupants, and the fabric itself is resistant to damage caused by the sun’s rays. It holds up well against harsh winds and extreme temperatures.

What are Sun Shade Sail Cloths?

First, the most important question: what are sail cloths? Well, sail cloths are permeable fabrics which are laid out horizontally over an area that requires coverage. They are connected to solid structures nearby like trees and posts. Most people use sail cloth for shade and protection from the elements. Of course, there are also people who use them for aesthetic purposes.

Sail cloths come in two forms: made-to-order and ready-made. Ready-made sail cloth shade are designed and pre-cut into specific shapes and dimensions by the manufacturer. The fabric is already treated for so many things, like UV protection, flame-retardant and waterproofing.

Some ready-made sail cloths already have webbing, corner rings and stitching at the edges. The measurements are based on average sizes used for each use. For example, there are sized meant for residential use, while others are meant for industrial, commercial and agricultural purposes.

Made-to-order sail cloths are manufactured and designed only after a client has called in with specific dimensions and specifications. The client will make a request and give the necessary details like desired color, shape, size, design, fabric texture and protective layers. They come with more specific protective layer treatment as requested by the client.

These sail cloths are also completely designed right down to the reinforced lining on the seams. They also have steel rings at the edges plus lock stitching combinations. Obviously, made-to-order sail cloths are more expensive because they are one of a kind. You also need to wait for the manufacturer to finish it, so expect to have it a few days to a week after you’ve made the request.

Common Shade Sail Canopy Cloth Fabrics

Shade cloth sails comes in different fabrics, and each fabric has its pros and cons. There is no single best fabric type, you just need to purchase one that suits your needs the most.

  • High Density Polyethylene - Also known as cloth shade, it is made from high-density polyethylene filaments. It has high UV protection (up to 95 percent). Most residential applications of sail cloth use this type of fabric, because it is cheaper. However, it’s not made of industrial-grade material, so expect regular maintenance work to keep the sail cloth afloat.
  • PVC - This is basically polyester mixed with vinyl resin. It has a lot more benefits compared to HDPE, because it undergoes special treatments to add protective layers. It protects against dirt, UV rays, water and fire. Because of this, it is more expensive than HDPE. This is the fabric of choice for industrial and commercial applications. It lasts longer too, and requires less maintenance.

Try The Best Shade Sail Cloths for the Backyard Today

Hopefully, with the information we’ve presented here today, any doubts or hesitations that you might have in installing cloth patio covers sail assembly on your backyard will be put to rest. With the inclusion of DIY kits in the market, it’s now easy to have your very own sail cloth without having to spend money for additional carpentry services.

So what are you waiting for? Having your own relaxing space at your backyard doesn’t need to be a dream anymore. Get yourself some sun shade cloth patio DIY kits and enjoy uninterrupted backyard lounging today.

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