Shade Sail Support Posts


Are you trying to find a way to enjoy the outdoors while also shielding your outdoor space from the sun's damaging rays? Are you sick of carrying around umbrellas and other makeshift coverings all the time that don't offer sufficient security? For individuals who wish to enjoy their outdoor space without worrying about sunburns or heat exhaustion, shade sail support poles are the ideal option. They not only reliably block the sun, but they also give any outdoor space a nice aesthetic touch. Your outdoor area will be secure and fashionable if it has a pillar. Additionally, it is quite simple to install, so you can get it up quickly! To find out more about how poles can help you make the most of your outdoor space, continue reading.


Shade sail support posts provide a secure and reliable way to install shade sails in outdoor spaces.

  • They are designed to withstand wind, rain, and other weather conditions.
  • They come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit any outdoor space.
  • Installation is easy and can be done with minimal tools.

With the right post, you can create a beautiful outdoor oasis that will last for years!

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When you put up a shade sail, you need shade sail support posts to hold each end of the fabric taut enough to function the way it’s supposed to. Depending on the type of shade sail you have, you may need three or four of these. The poles should be made of metal and durable enough to withstand the tension required to hold up your shade sail.

There are many sail shade post sizes to choose from, and it is recommended that you choose a size based on the diameter of the pole you will be attaching the shade to. If you are looking for a temporary solution, you can attach the shade to a concrete pole with no problem. The best fixing point for shade posts is a powder coated, galvanized steel pipe that is at least 1 inch in diameter. It should be strong enough to support the structure of the shade and be suitable for anchoring into the ground. Home owners should look into a sail shade pole, which is powder-coated and 1 inch in diameter, as a superior option for garden sun shade posts.

Below, we’ve reviewed five different shade sail pole products for you to choose from. Take a look at our picks and see which ones are more likely to work for your specific shade sail needs. These are similar products, but they all have key differences that will make them work for some shades and not for others.

So let’s get started!

1. Coleman Steel Replacement Pole

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Bring home this [amazon link="B00VTJKB1O" title="Coleman Steel Replacement Pole" /] when you need to repair any damage that may have occurred to your existing shade sail poles. This pole has a friction lock and is made of sturdy steel so you don’t have to worry about it breaking too easily. It has an adjustable height and is very quick and easy to install.


  • These poles are heavy enough to stay in place well once they’ve been installed correctly.
  • The poles are easy to keep clean and aren’t prone to rusting, so they have a longer life than some others out there.


  • Some poles may have trouble staying extended and locked into place, which can be a safety hazard.
  • In some instances, the poles may collapse under very strong winds or extremely heavy rains.
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2. Outsunny Sail Shade Canopy Installation Pole/Pipe Kit

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If you are looking to replace an individual pole for your shade sail and already have all the hardware you’ll need, check out this [amazon link="B007D7V49O" title="Outsunny Sail Shade Canopy Installation Pole/Pipe Kit" /]. This kit comes with a guide rope and Allen wrench for quick and easy assembly and installation, as well as a pole in three pieces. Put it together and replace your broken or damaged pole right away.


  • These poles can be interchangeably used with some tents and canopies.
  • The poles are great for temporary usage and are easy and lightweight enough to put together and set up in no time.


  • These are extremely flimsy poles that should be used for very lightweight sails and won’t be able to hold up heavy fabrics at all.
  • The wind can easily pick up these poles and knock them over even without being too strong.
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3. E&K Sunrise Shade Sail Pole

If you’re looking for a pole kit that’s as durable as it is easy to use, check out the E&K Sunrise Shade Sail Pole. This kit comes with two 33” pole sections and one 38” pole section plus hardware and base pieces for quick and easy installation every time. The included directions will help you better understand how to put this pole together and use it with your existing or brand-new shade sail, as well.


  • The poles are durable and sturdy, and since they come with a base, they can be secured very easily regardless of what type of ground your shade sail sits on.
  • The poles are a neutral color that matches well with most existing shade sails.


  • In some cases, the kit may arrive missing some of the crucial pieces required to put these poles together.
  • These poles are very heavy and may be challenging to work with if you don’t have assistance from another adult.

4. Windscreen4less Shade Sail Pole

With the Windscren4less Shade Sail Pole kit, you’ll have everything you need to get started putting up your shade sail so you can enjoy it sooner rather than later. This kit comes with a single pole and all the hardware required to put it up securely and safely. You can choose between a standard 96” pole or an extension pole in a smaller size as needed for your shade sails.


  • You can easily mount this pole onto existing concrete or other surfaces depending on where your shade sail is located.
  • The powder-coated steel poles are designed to be resistant to rust and other types of damage related to the elements, too.


  • You’ll need to pick up more than one kit if you need to replace or install more than one pole, and this can be pricey.
  • These poles are heavy and can be challenging to handle alone.

5. Sunshades Depot Shade Sail Pole

Bring home this [amazon link="B078NJD95J" title="Sunshades Depot Shade Sail Pole" /] kit and you’ll be ready to put up your shade or replace your existing poles in no time. This kit includes two 33” pole pieces, one 28” pole piece, and all the hardware you need to get the job done right. The poles themselves are made of steel and are durable enough to last for many years to come.


  • This pole kit is very easy to set up with or without help from another adult.
  • This pole is available in a traditional size or you can purchase an extension pole to make it even longer.


  • Sometimes, these poles may arrive damaged or missing some pieces, although this is rare.
  • This is a pricey pole kit compared to some other options out there.
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Did you find the right type of pole replacement to suit your needs? There are a lot of different poles out there, but for the most part, the choice comes down to the height and the type of material they’re made out of. By choosing one of the poles listed above, you should have no trouble getting your shade sail in place or fixing any damaged pieces that may need to be repaired before you can enjoy your outdoor space this summer.

The most effective way to install a shade sail pole like this is to follow all the directions included in the pole for assembly first, and make sure to attach the pole to any included base that may have come with it. Your pole most likely came with washers and screws to help secure its pieces together properly, so always make sure to use your included hardware when possible. From there, put the pole in place and attach the shade sail using the D-ring clamp included (or purchased separately, depending on the pole you choose).

By following these directions and paying attention to any warnings or tips included in the materials that come with your shade sail, you’ll be well on your way to a happier and more comfortable time outside!

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5 Tips for Installing Post For Shade Sails

  1. Make sure to measure the area where you plan to install the post and mark it with a stake. This will help ensure that your post is installed in the right spot.
  2. Dig a hole at least two feet deep for the post, making sure to use a level to make sure it is straight.
  3. Fill the hole with concrete and let it dry before installing the post. Make sure to check that the post is level before securing it in place.
  4. Attach the shade sail to the support posts using galvanized steel hardware. Make sure all connections are secure and tight.
  5. Check all connections regularly and tighten any loose bolts or screws as needed.

ALSO: Consider using a professional installer if you are unsure of how to properly install your pillars!

More Beneficial Info For Readers

Any construction for an outdoor shade must have them. They offer the solidity and sturdiness required to guarantee that your shade sails stay put even in windy situations. The size, weight, and kind of material utilized for the post should all be taken into account when choosing a post for your shade sail. Galvanized steel or aluminum posts are perfect for the majority of applications since they are sturdy and resilient enough to survive adverse weather conditions. The size and weight of your sails will determine how far down in the ground you need to bury your posts, so keep that in mind as well. These posts may offer years of dependable service and shield you from UV rays with appropriate installation and upkeep.

Ideas for Use: What Are They Effective for?

There are three major uses for these posts. They first provide your shade sail a safe anchor place. For the sail to remain stationary and not move while exposed to wind or other conditions, this is crucial. Second, they assist in distributing the sail's weight equally among the posts, which lessens the strain on any one post in particular. Last but not least, you may utilize these posts as outdoor décor in your environment. You may add some extra flare to your garden while still serving a practical purpose by selecting a post with an intriguing design or color. Given all of these applications, it is simple to understand why many homeowners wishing to build their own backyard refuge like these shade solutions.

The Disadvantages: What To Expect

There are a few disadvantages to take into account despite the many advantages of these shade products. First, they might be challenging to install effectively without assistance from an expert. This is due to the fact that the posts must be firmly secured into the ground and that their installation requires specific equipment and experience. The sails may also become loose or even come off in severe winds if improperly placed. When installing these beneficial products, it's crucial to get expert assistance to eliminate these drawbacks. For further stability and security in windy circumstances, using additional anchors or braces may be advantageous. Finally, frequent connection checks will guarantee that everything stays safe and secure over time.

What Criteria Should Be Applied When Assessing Them?

The most crucial quantitative parameters to consider while assessing them are installation simplicity, strength, and durability. The post's strength is defined by how much weight it can support without bending or breaking, its longevity by how long it can endure exposure to weather and other environmental factors, and its installation simplicity by how fast and simply it can be done. When contrasting various postings, cost-effectiveness should also be taken into consideration. One may choose the post that provides the most value for the money in terms of strength, durability, and convenience of installation by taking these elements into account.

Overall Usage Experience: What You Need To Know

These items are a necessary part of any installation of a shade sail. They ensure that the sails are firmly in position and have the structural support essential to resist wind and other weather conditions. It's crucial to take the post's construction, dimensions, and form into account while choosing one. Due to their strength and durability, steel posts are frequently utilized; however, depending on the situation, aluminum or wood may also be appropriate. A post that is too tiny or too huge will not give enough support or put undue pressure on the cloth, respectively, depending on the size of the sail. Additionally, posts with slanted edges can increase stability and lessen wind resistance. In order to prevent movement or loosening over time, it is crucial to fasten posts securely into the ground or a wall while installing them.

Here are the general processes for creating these posts: Make sure your shade sail has the proper-sized posts first. Then, drill a hole in the earth and fill it with concrete to accommodate the post. Third, check sure the post is level before inserting it into the hole. Fourth, use the proper hardware, such as eye bolts or turnbuckles, to secure the shade sail to the post. Fifth, make adjustments to the tension of your sail using a tensioning tool so that it is taut but not unduly tight. Finally, ensure that all connections are safe and that no harm has developed over time by performing routine checks. If you follow these instructions, your shade sail will be securely secured and able to shield you from the sun and rain for many years.