7 of the Best Retractable Sun Shades for Your Car that You Can Get on Amazon Right Now

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Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Shade with Heat Alert, Helps Block UVA/UVB Rays, 2 Pack, Black
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Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Shade with Heat Alert, Helps Block UVA/UVB Rays, 2 Pack, Black
  • White hot indicator turns white when car is to hot
  • Includes 2 - 15 inches x 19 inches (35.6 centimeters x 43.2 centimeters) shades for maximum coverage
  • Dual attachment system for a better fit choose adjustable clips or suction cups

The Kingpin has got another nugget of wisdom to bestow upon you! Getting some cover from the heat ain’t JUST for party tents and marquees, you know…

It’s a hot day. The sun is beating down on the parking lot, and you’re inside at work just waiting for the end of your shift. When you can finally clock out and go home, you run to your car in the late afternoon sun, jump inside, and…MELT!

That’s where sun shade retractable screens come in! You’ve probably seen people driving around with screens in their back passenger windows, or parked at the mall with their front and back windshields covered up.

Haven’t you always wondered what those sun shades are for?

You can get a sun shade for a lot of different reasons. You might get a sun shade to keep the sun out of your kids’ eyes when you put them in the back seat, or a rear window shade for babies in rear-facing car seats.

Electronics and gadgets you keep in the car can get damaged in high temperatures. Did you know that even your GPS can malfunction (that is if you’re STILL using one) if you leave it in a hot car for too long? With a sun shade, the items you leave in your car are a lot safer, even when it’s extra hot outside.

The Kingpin is here to show you the perfect sun shade screen for your car and whatever your needs might be! And if you’ve been following the site, I’m sure you can trust that the Kingpin knows what you’re looking for in a car shade, and to show you the best products you can pick from online today.

And since he’s already gone through the trouble of digging up the dirt on all these shades, now you can know the best and worst aspects about each one. It’s always easier to make a real choice when you know what you’re getting into, right? The Kingpin won’t skimp on any of the details—whether good… or BAD.

So check out the items below to find the right shade for you and your family. If you don’t have kids, you might just want a front windshield to keep your car cool. With a big family, you’ll need side or back shades to keep everyone comfortable. There’s a little of everything on the Kingpin’s excellent retractable sun shade screen list below, so what are you waiting for?

1. Dash Designs, Inc. The Shade Retractable Windshield Sunshade

With these retractable sun blinds, you can be minutes away from a cooler, more comfortable car every time you travel. This shade is easy to use and folds out with the use of just one hand, making it a great choice for those times when you’re on the run or late for work.

This sun shade is wide enough to expand or retract to fit just about any windshield, but it might not be tall enough for your vehicle. With that said, it’s a great low-cost option for keeping your car cool during the hot summer months. Throw it in the back seat when you don’t need it, or slip it into its included carrying pouch to keep it protected.

This is a durable product that will last for a long time to come.



  • Can be used on the back window or the front windshield without any alternations.
  • Easy to mount to your car in no time.
  • Folds down into a portable size with no struggle.
  • May not be available in sizes to fit every make and model of vehicle.
  • Clips may fall off easily with frequent use.
  • Foam brackets may eventually loosen in the heat of your vehicle.

2. BRICA 2 Piece White Hot Sun Safety Shades

Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Shade with Heat Alert, Helps Block UVA/UVB Rays, 2 Pack, Black

Use this affordable retractable sun shade to help keep the bright light out of your children’s eyes in the back seat of your vehicle. This shade is designed to clip onto your window and roll down easily when you need it most.

You can monitor your car’s internal temperature with the indicator included on this shade, and keep the mesh from flapping around by sticking it to the window with included suction cups. Your kids will still have a great view of the outside world through this visible mesh material.



  • Included indicator is easy to read for times when you need to know how hot the temperature inside your car is.
  • Easy to roll up and roll down as needed with the simple push of a button.
  • Mesh is a high quality that will not tear or become thin, even if the kids mess with it in the back seat.
  • Installing this shade may cause damage to the weather strip around your window, which may let in air and noise from the road.
  • Poor suction that may make this shade fall off of your windows often.
  • Smaller size keeps this shade from blocking as much sunlight as other comparable shades.

3. EZ Slide Shade for Retractable Sunshades

'THE E Z SLIDE SHADE' for Retractable Sunshades Available for All Car Models. Please send the model and car year.

This is an expensive shade option, but if you’re willing to shell out the extra money, it can be a great asset that keeps your car cool on a semi-permanent basis. This shade is installed directly onto your windshield, and can be rolled down and up without having to completely uninstall the product every time.

Since this shade is meant to be installed and left there, it can be ordered in lots of different sizes to fit just about any type of vehicle. Its metal frame and thick fabric shade work together to keep your car cool all year round.



  • Easy to install using included glue that can be removed quickly when you are finished using your shade.
  • Rolls up on the passenger side, so your view as the driver will never be blocked when this shade isn’t in use.
  • Sturdy material has a long life, even when this shade is used every day.
  • Glue may melt in extreme temperatures, causing the hooks to fall off and require reinstallation.
  • Top rod may get very hot in extreme temperatures, making it difficult to touch and operate.
  • Leaves a small gap around the edges which can cause sunlight to filter into your vehicle.

4. Magic Retractable Shade Type A

Tesla Shades--Retractable Shades Type A (Two Shades, 22 Inches Wide, Fit Rear Side Windows with Straight-lined Tops. Two-years Warranty.)

Install this sun shade on your car’s back seat windows to keep the sun from glaring in while still allowing passengers to see out. The shade is built out of sturdy metal and durable mesh that can withstand years of use without so much as a tear. Best of all, they can be easily rolled up when you want to open the windows and let in some fresh air.

This sun shade system includes two separate shades, so you can keep the entire back seat cool and comfortable. They are designed to fit into just about any vehicle’s back window without needing to be altered. If the Type A variety doesn’t work for your car, check out the Type B version instead.



  • Sturdy Velcro fasteners keep the sun shade system itself in place without flapping around.
  • Shade installs very quickly and is easy to operate with only one hand.
  • Dark mesh keeps the sun out of the vehicle while still allowing great visibility.
  • Adhesive on Velcro backing is not long-lasting and may need to be replaced every few months, especially in the heat.
  • This shade makes operating your windows difficult and complicated without having to remove the shade entirely first.
  • Does not cover the entire window on any vehicle make or model.

5. Shade Styx ERT-RW39 Black Universal Rear Window Sunshade Kit

XBRN Car Windshield Sun Shade for Car,2 Piece Foldable Car Front Window Sunshade,Keep Your Vehicle Cool Fits Sedans SUV Truck Windshields-X-Large

Are you looking for a great sun shade for your back window? If you find side window shades aren’t quite cutting it for keeping the kids in the back seat comfortable in the heat, try this rear window sun shade instead. It’s sure to keep the sun out of everyone’s eyes.

This shade mounts to the back seat semi-permanently and stays up until you’re ready to take it down. You can roll it down when you need to keep things cool, or up when you need to see out the back. Its durable frame keeps it working for you and your family for years.



  • Easy to install when you follow the included directions, and easy to remove when the time comes.
  • Attachment is sturdy and durable, and less likely to fall off or come apart as other products.
  • Easy to operate without worrying about pulling down the whole shade system every time you unroll it.
  • This product does not work with trucks, vans, and SUVs, and is only compatible with cars.
  • May not work with cars made before 2000, if they do not include anchors for child car seats.
  • Extended use might cause some tears in the ceiling fabric of your car.

6. Road Charms Jumbo XL Nylon Car Folding Windshield Shade with UV Protection

Windshield Sun Shade - Jumbo XL (70 x 35 inches) Car Window Shade - Easy to Use Folding Shade Nylon UV Protector - Keeps Car Cool - Pop-Up Style - Great Fit for Vans, SUVs and Trucks

Do you have a big car, truck, or van that needs an oversized sun shade to get the job done? If so, you need this jumbo-sized retractable sun shade for your front windshield! This shade is designed to work with any vehicle that needs a little extra fabric to keep the sun from glaring inside.

Unlike fold-out sun screens, this shade is designed to sit right up against the windshield of your vehicle, making it easier than ever to keep things cool inside. Never again will you have to worry about blocking the sun from every little corner of your windshield when you install this great shade.



  • Keeps the inside of your vehicle cool even in extreme heat.
  • Since this product doesn’t require suctions or adhesive, high temperatures don’t affect its usability.
  • Shade is made of durable material that won’t fade in the sun or get damaged from frequent use.
  • Difficult to store in its included carrying case, since it doesn’t fold down as tightly as it is packaged.
  • May be too large for some average-sized pickup trucks, making it harder to position in the window.
  • Takes a while to install in the right position to keep light from leaking in.

7. Top Quality Windshield Sun Shade

Best Quality Windshield Sun Shade For Any Vehicle- Cars Trucks and SUVs To Keep Interior Cool, Large Size 78'x28' Protects From Summer Sun UV, Ice and Snow in Winter, Bonus Extra Shade For Back Window

This sun shade is a great choice when you want to completely cover your windshield on a hot summer day. It can be held in place with your vehicle’s doors, which makes it easy to keep up when you’re not using your car. It’s even designed to fit just about any size windshield, taking the guesswork out of buying a shade.

Put this shade up when you know you’ll be leaving your car parked in the hot sun all day. This is a good choice for anyone looking to keep their car cool while at work or enjoying a day of fun around town. When you’re ready to drive, take it down and be on your way.



  • Blocks the sunlight well without extra gaps or holes around the edges.
  • Comes with an included storage bag that is easy to use when the product is folded down completely.
  • Thick fabric repels UV rays while staying durable for years of extended use.
  • Suction cups don’t stick well, and lead to flapping and falling especially in high temperatures.
  • May be hard to install and difficult to remove on a regular basis.
  • Though the product is meant to be used internally for sun blocking and externally for ice, external use causes damage quickly.


Retractable sun sails are a great way to keep your vehicle cool on a hot summer day. If you’ve got a family like the Kingpin does, they work wonders for keeping the sun out of the little ones’ eyes and off of their skin, too.

The Kingpin personally likes the BRICA 2 Piece White Hot Sun Safety Shades. These are great for the little ones in the back seat and perfect for letting him know when the car’s temperature is too high to leave groceries while running other errands!

For an even better solution, pair off the BRICA Shades with the Shade Styx Rear Window Sunshade Kit. Both of these shades are pretty easy to install, use, and maintain, so you’ll have a great system when you let them work together.


So, before we wrap this up you should take note of some of these Shade Owner Tips and Tricks! How can you take care of your brand-spanking-new retractable sun screens? Let the Canopy Kingpin tell you all about it!

  • Take down your shade when you don’t need it. Store it safely in the trunk or somewhere in your house until it’s needed again.
  • Clean your shade when it gets dirty. If you’re using a back seat shade, you’ve probably got little ones who will smear food (or who knows what else) on it at some point. When this happens, wipe it down with warm soapy water and let it dry to keep it looking good and working great. ***This will work for most models and shade types but make sure to check your specific product instructions before trying to wash it!
  • Be gentle on your sun shade! The Kingpin learned the hard way that tugging down a shade is a good way to rip a hole in it. Don’t be in a hurry, and don’t take out all your anger from your work day on your shade. Just unfold it or unroll it normally. Problem solved.
  • Remember to follow all the directions for putting up your shade. Reading directions can be boring, but they’re there for a reason. If you install your shade the wrong way, it most likely won’t work, so why waste time doing it wrong when you can put it up correctly THE FIRST TIME and save a lot of hassle?

Ready to take care of your sun shade now? Pick your favorite from the Kingpin’s list of top choices and get ready to enjoy cooler drives and comfortable cars from this day on!

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