RV Tarps, BEST Covers For RVs and Trailer Campers

Get the best tarp covers for your RVs, motorhome or trailer campers in our RVing cover tarps list.

Our Best Heavy-Duty Tarps for RVs Recommendation

Do you have an RV?

Are you concerned about leaving it outdoors during bad weather or colder months?

Did you know that there are tarps for RVs that can help you with this?

Although some people who have RVs and campers are able to keep them in secure, weatherproof locations when they’re not in use, many people must keep their RVs in the backyard or somewhere else where they will be exposed to the elements. If this is true of you, then you need an RV tarp to help you maintain your vehicle and keep it working great for as long as possible.

You wouldn’t leave your car sitting outside in the rain or snow all winter long, so why would you consider doing the same thing to your RV? With a tarp, you can quickly and easily protect your RV from anything that might cause it to rust or otherwise become damaged from sitting outside in the weather for too long.

Some RV tarps are designed to fit perfectly over your RV, while others will need to be tied on with bungee cords or even patchworked together to make them fit. Depending on your budget and your skill with DIY projects, you may want to choose one of these types over the other.

Below, we’ve reviewed five of the best tarps for your RV on the market today. Check them out and see which one is right for your needs.

RV Covers #1. Tent Shelter Tarp Cover

EasyGO Hercules Shelter Cover Waterproof Tarpaulin Plastic Tarp Protection Sheet for Contractors, Campers, Painters, Farmers, Boats, Motorcycles, Hay Bales-5'x7', 5x7

This Tent Shelter Tarp Cover is available in three different sizes and provides tons of protection against the elements. It’s designed to stand up to wear and tear due to rain, wind, and UV rays, and it’s heat-sealed so it won’t allow your RV to get too overheated underneath. This is a traditional tarp that is lightweight and fairly easy to maneuver depending on your needs, and the fabric is reinforced to be resistant to tears and other types of damage.



  • This is a very low-cost tarp, so if you need more than one, you can stock up without going over your budget.
  • With three sizes to choose from, you can use this tarp to make a good patchwork RV cover if you don’t mind a little DIY.
  • Because this is a traditional style tarp, you may not be able to get a lot of use out of it for an RV without it becoming damaged.
  • Rarely, this product may rip very quickly in the wind.

RV Covers #2. Comfitwear Poly Tarp Cover

Comfitwear MT-812 8' x 12' Poly Tarp Cover, Waterproof Tent Shelter Camping RV Boat Tarpaulin, Blue

Choose the Comfitwear Poly Tarp Cover when you’re looking for a tear-resistant fabric tarp that is designed to stand up to all sorts of damage and wear and tear. This tarp is resistant to water as well as rust, mildew, rotting, and UV rays, so you can use it for a longer time without having to worry about it becoming worn out or otherwise unusable. There are rust-proof grommets on this tarp that can help you tie it down more easily without concern, too.



  • This is a durable tarp that’s heavy-duty enough to last for a few solid months or even up to a year in some situations.
  • The cover is lightweight and easy to maneuver even though it’s thick and durable.
  • This cover will need to be replaced sooner than some of the others listed here.
  • Some tarps may arrive torn but should be able to be replaced if this should happen.

RV Covers #3. B-Air Grizzly Tarps Multi Purpose Waterproof Poly Tarp

B-Air 5580 BA-GT-BL-1014 tarp, 10x14, Blue

With the B-Air Grizzly Tarps Multi Purpose Waterproof Poly Tarp, you can choose between twelve different sizes to find the fit you’re looking for. This polyethylene tarp is designed to hold up to all sorts of exposure to the elements without showing signs of damage or wear and tear for a long time.



  • This is an affordable but very sturdy and thick product.
  • This lightweight tarp is easy to put in place and has plenty of grommets for ropes or bungee cords too.
  • In some instances, the tarp may wear out after just a few short months of use, especially in hot direct sunlight.
  • The metal grommets may fall off easily in some cases.

RV Covers #4. Silver Heavy Duty 8 Mil Tarp

20X40 Silver Heavy Duty Tarp Tarpaulin Canopy Tent, Boat. RV or Pool Cover

When you want lots of different size options to choose from with your heavy-duty tarp, check out this Silver Heavy Duty 8 Mil Tarp right away. This product has tons of options available and is reinforced for maximum security and long-lasting use on your RV or camper.



  • This tarp is weather-resistant and comes in several thicknesses depending on your needs.
  • You can choose this tarp in a variety of different colors.
  • This is a very expensive product that may be well over budget for some buyers.
  • The tarp is brittle and may become damaged in the wind too easily.

RV Covers #5. Heavy Duty Waterproof Reversible Tarp

This Heavy Duty Waterproof Reversible Tarp is designed specifically for use with RVs. It features a thick, industrial strength design and brass grommets that will allow your use ropes or cords as needed to hold it in place. Choose between seven different sizes for your RV or camper needs.



  • This reversible tarp is as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful and sturdy.
  • There are extra grommets on this tarp than you would find on lower-cost products.
  • Some people feel that the texture of this product is not tarp-like enough.
  • This is a heavier product that may be harder to work with.

Try RV Covers For Trailer Campers Of All Types And Sizes

So what do you think? Are you ready to buy the right tarp for your RV? It can be tough to find one that works well for what you need, but with patience and a little thought, you should have no trouble figuring out the right RV tarp in no time. Choose from the list above for best results!

Just remember that a traditional blue tarp may not be exactly right for you. This type of tarp can do the job if you’re only covering your RV for a little while, but it doesn’t offer a lot of UV protection and may not be great for long-term storage or protection. You should be looking at more RV-specific tarps that are designed for this type of use instead, especially if you’re planning to store your RV for several months without using it.

With that said, however, just because you choose an RV-specific tarp, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have a perfectly easy time with it, either. You may still need to work on modifying it so that it fits your RV correctly, so give yourself plenty of time to do this before you need to store or protect your RV for the winter months.

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